Monday, October 12, 2015

#SadPuppies 4 -- Biting Back

Apparently, to get a coveted Sad Puppies​ nomination, it helps if I have more than just my hat in the ring.  Votes help. Who knew?

And yes, coveted. As in I would really, really like it. Thank you.

Now, it was suggested to me many moons ago that my parody series Sad Puppies Bite Back could qualify for fan writer *or* Best Related work.

So, if you fondly recall Sad Puppies Bite Back, please swing by and vote. I'm hoping that some of the people whom I SWATted might want to kick in a few votes.

I don't know if either Wright recalls it. And I can't imagine Lt. Col Kratman wanting to play.  Brad Torgersen gave me some advice a few months back, as did Katie Paulk, but I haven't reached out to them for support in this. And I suspect the phrase "Undo influence" might be tossed around if I tried.

And, SOMEbody submitted Honor At Stake for best novel. I wouldn't have insisted on it ... but someone thought it was a good idea, so, maybe? If you think it's worthwhile? If you liked either SPBB or Honor at Stake and think either is something to be spread around, could you please go to the official Sad Puppies page and say so?

Yes, there's a reason I use this meme alot.

Look, do I honestly believe that I'll win a Hugo out of this?  If last year is any indication? No. If Katie Paulk's mission statement is to be believed? Maybe. Though if the competition is John C Wright and Jim Butcher, I expect to be thoroughly demolished.

But I've got two good reasons for throwing my hat in the ring.  Or throwing down the gauntlet.

First -- and this feeds into the meme above -- I am not an artist. I'm not that good. At the end of the day, I'm just some guy who wants to sell some books. Jim Butcher once said "I don't have a muse, I have a mortgage."  I'm with him.

And I think a Sad Puppies nomination would be great for my PR and marketing in the long run. And yes, a nomination for anything would be nice. The book would be great. SPBB would be great.  I'm not sure which would be better. Both would be awesome, but I won't hold my breath, you know what I mean?

Second -- Also? I've had it with these people.

No, really, I'm quite, quite fed up. The Puppy Kickers have badgered, threatened, bullied, yelled at, harassed, and intimidated some good people.

They threatened the livelihood of authors so that they'd withdraw from the Sad Puppies pool, and two did.

Author Lou Antonelli, who I follow on Facebook, is a nice guy. And I don't mean that in my usual, dismissive New Yorker sort of way. He's a good guy. He's a funny author. At one point, he'd been driven around the bend by Gerrold and his band of misfits, to such an extent that he sent a letter to the Spokane police informing them that Gerrold and the Puppy Kickers formed a credible threat to his life. Given fellow puppy kicker Arthur Chu and his bomb threatening minions? I don't think that's particularly out of line.

But no, it was used as evidence against him. A short story contract had been revoked. Gerrold won't shut up about it and has thrown every act of friendship and apology back in Lou's face.

No, I'm not happy about it.

So to the Puppy Kicks, I say: Guess what, you mealy-mouthed little pansies. You want to bully, intimidate, shout down and bully someone?  Well guess what -- I don't have anything to threaten. My contracts with Liberty Island?  Hell, they'd probably love to get into a fight with you -- they're better armed, and the more you go after them to screw with me, the more they'd probably offer me, because I think they're about as contradictory as I am. My contracts with Eternal Press? Good luck -- my acquisitions editor worships Loki. No, I'm not kidding. I'm thinking she's not going to feel threatened by David Gerrold's bowtie. Want to flood my site with comments with hate speech? Knock yourself out, I could use the site traffic.

Frankly, Puppy Kickers and minions of File 770, if you think you can intimidate me, keep in mind that I am a conservative Catholic who has grown up in New York and has survived this entire time. If a few thousand of you losers think that you can do what 8 million New Yorkers have not, you have another thing coming.

In short, my attitude towards the Puppy Kickers is simple.

Anyway, if you, dear reader, are interested in going to and nominating SPBB for best related OR for best fan writing (whichever you think is appropriate), that'd be AWESOME.

If you want to nominate Honor At Stake, I'm sure my publisher would greatly appreciate it. As would I.

Yes, not a rousing battle cry. How about this instead: Go out there and nominate one for the Gipper!

What do you want? It's late, and I'm punchy.

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  1. Your zeal warms my diamond-hard, coal-black heart, Mr. Finn.

    Please know that:
    1) I second everything you said.
    2) If they come for you, they'll have me to deal with as well.

    To any puppy-kickers sizing up the opposition: if you're unfamiliar with orthodox Catholics--which, given the current state of education and popular media, you almost certainly are--understand that when we fight you, we'll do so filled with love for you. Not niceness. Not kindness. Not pity.

    Unconditional, terrible, invincible love.

    On second thought, if you find this concept unfamiliar, you may well merit pity.


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