Sunday, October 4, 2015

TONIGHT, ON The Catholic Geek: Oregon, shootings, Dean Koontz

The Catholic Geek: Tom Knighton on shootings, Marina Fontaine on Dean Koontz 10/04 by We Built That Network | Current Events Podcasts

The return of his Tankness, AND Marina Fontaine.

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  1. You can't mention Dean Koontz and Hollywood without mentioning one of his many crazy experiences there:

    My favorite Dean Koontz book is probably "From the Corner of His Eye" which is a quite gripping contrast of the beauty of good and the banality of evil. For such a long book, it had me hooked all the way to the end. Don't read the book description, though, it's fairly inaccurate as to what happens in the story.

    He's one of the few authors these days where I can pick up just about any of his books and get buried in it.


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