Thursday, November 12, 2015

Death in the family, Hence a few delays

A few things.

1) Before I say a single word, THIS MONDAY, November 16th, Kindle will see the release of Pius Origins, Pius Holidays, as well as a paperback and Kindle edition of Pius Tales. These will be as dirt cheap as Amazon will let me push them, people.  These are $.99 for the Kindles, and $7.99 for the paperback, and I'll be making them as free as possible as often as possible.

2) The radio show MAY have some interruptions. Why? Because I will not be at my house, at my computer, with my usual toys and scripts and stuff at my fingertips. Also, because I have no idea if the place I'm going will be able to access Blog Talk Radio.  Why? Because BTR is built by absolute dummies.  Also, because I have no idea if I'll have the time to do a two-hour show, and I'm not sure if I can done THIS MINUTE.  I might be able to persuade Matthew Bowman to do the show again for the next week or two, or I may not. So, no idea.

3)  Blog posts will be haphazard for a while. Unless some people want to offer me guest posts.

4) If you want details about who died / who's dying, where died, how died ... no. Sorry. I'm not going to bleed all over the internet. I'm not emo.


  1. Sorry for your loss, Declan.
    About you old & new books: As you know, I have the Trilogy and love it. I will be ordering more of the Kindle sets, now that I know how to have Amazon deliver them to other people. I'm eagerly anticipating the release of the new ones on Monday - will buy them as soon as I see them available.

    1. Thanks. It's going to be ... interesting, I guess. Currently out of town, and I have a few minutes to myself.

      By the way, thanks for the email. Fixed that problem.


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