Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Legends are coming

So, I took a good look at this.  I say look because I'm literally next to a sleeping person as I write this, but I have a pretty good feel for this one without the audio.

One...Rip Hunter's plane is invisible. Did he borrow it from Wonder Woman? And, more importantly, is it bigger on the inside?

Yes, I know I make a LOT of Doctor Who references, but they got Arthur Darville from Doctor Who, and he seems to be wearing David Tennant's coat...though it may be Mal Reynold's coat, by the look of that revolver. Who raided the Firefly props?  BUT, Rip Hunter precedes Doctor Who. Yes, Rip Hunter, in the comics, was created in 1959, four years before the first Doctor aired. So there.

Two...is EVERYBODY on both shows in this? And why aren't they calling this Justice League? Oh, wait, because WB IS RUN BY MORONS.

Three...assassinations through time. This sounds like "I've got a gun, you've got a time machine, let's kill Hitler."

Four...Gee, we got two crooks and it looks like at least one episode is a heist. Seems reasonable to me. Also, Snart decking Ray Palmer. Is anyone else at all surprise?

Okay, enough with the numbers. I like that, as usual, the Hawk couple have a hate-love relationship. Berlanti has, as usual, READ THE COMICS.

Though there's eight of them. Huh. Not seven? It worked against Thebes.

All in all, it looks like it could be some epic-level fun. We'll see.

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  1. I'm looking forward to Legends of Tomorrow. As long as it is true to it's internal universe, I'll be happy.


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