Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Okay, I'll beg: please buy Honor At Stake

You know? I think everything is going well. Maybe. Probably. Honest.

Okay, I have no clue.

Good news...

So, I've got 22 reviews on Amazon (21 of the same on Goodreads). And, really, everybody loves me.

No, really, everybody loves Honor At Stake.

I've even had people who've bought the book as gifts. I'm shocked.

No, really, I'm shocked.

Remember that meme I've been using since Honor At Stake came out? Where did I put it?

Oh, yeah, this one.

I mean it. I really do.

Apparently, at this minute, Amazon has only ten copies left of Honor At Stake.  So, that has to be great, right?


As of right now, I have no way to track how many books have been sold thus far.  I won't know until the end of December. Because it's every three months that I get my royalties.

The physical copies on Amazon?  According to Amazon's tracking of physical books? I've sold only 8 copies. Which means Amazon collects about what? Say 20 at a time?

And this doesn't even count ANY of the other places books are sold online -- like B&, which doesn't have a single review (okay, that says more about B&N than it does anything else). There's also a place called Kobo, which I know one of my readers used to buy the book.  Again, no idea how much of what has been sold.

Short version: I'm wound tighter than a cheap watch because I have no idea what my royalties are going to look like.

Now, as you know, this is my first book with a publisher. Far as I'm concerned, this is going to tell me whether or not my life thus far has been a complete waste of time. Because if I can't a decent amounts of money with a publisher backing me up, why the hell am I doing this?

Here's my deep dark secret: this is my only means of income. Because I live in freaking New York, most expensive city in the universe, and every time I apply to a job out of town, no one wants me. Yes, I'm serious. Today I'm going to be applying to work in DC at the Smithsonian, because someone has to want my history degree for something, right?  Heck, last week, I applied to the FBI -- because someone has to drive the surveillance van.

So, desperate? Just a little. Nervous? Yup. Freaking out? Check.

No, this is not me putting a guilt trip. There is no guilt trip here. I got addicted to writing, and stopping isn't an option, and decided this would be my career. My choice.

I would just really, really like it to know that I haven't chosen poorly.

Yes, you may insert your own Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade meme here.

It's been nearly two and a half months since Honor At Stake hit the stands, and I think I've been quite good about begging.

Now, I'm going to beg.

Would you mind terribly if you bought, I don't know, one copy of Honor At Stake for every person on your Christmas / Hanukkah list this year?  I would be quite grateful.  In fact, it is apparently appropriate for all ages and all interests -- I've gotten reviews for the atheist action buff, the philosophical Catholic, the people who like romance, and the ones who enjoy wanton destruction, so it's good for children of all ages, from 8-80.  So, if you have open slots on your purchase lists, click here, buy now, 1 for each person, and maybe 2 more, just for those people whom you haven't planned for.

...Yes, this is me, begging. Gotta at least keep a modicum of dignity.

And, yes, as in years past, there will be a black Friday blog suggesting all of the books to be bought. But this one is coming a little early.  Why? Because everyone and is brother is offering Black Friday sales, and I figure I should plant the seeds of purchasing books while I can.

And yes, for those people who are curious, I'm going to be releasing the short story collections THIS MONDAY.  Look for Pius Tales, Pius Origins, and Pius Holidays -- I'm literally making pennies from those, so enjoy the cheap prices. Heh.

But for right now, at least take a look at Honor At Stake. I'm sure you won't regret it.


  1. I've got 34 reviews on my first book on amazon and my royalties... well, there's a reason I hold down a full time and a part time job (and I don't live in NYC, I live in a town that's barely a speck on the map in New Mexico!)

    That said, I plan to get a copy of "Honor at Stake" for my personal library... and maybe one to carry around and whack people who say that they LOVED "Twilight"! Keep on keepin' on... and begging builds character (at least, I'm told by many that I'm quite a character!)

  2. It costs $30 here on and it's out of stock at that. But I do plan on getting a physical copy when I can. Up here we tend to get hosed a lot on prices, though.

    1. 1) It took far too long for me to figure out that .ca meant Canda.
      2) Thirty WHAT? That's ... more than I expected. Though given the American price, I should have figured. If you're part of the mailing list, I'll make sure to post on the blog the next time there's a half off deal going on with the publisher.


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