Sunday, November 22, 2015

TONIGHT on The Catholic Geek: Potluck Podcast with the Novel Ninja

The Catholic Geek: Potluck Podcast

Again, since I'm not doing the show this Sunday, Novel Ninja and CG owner Matthew Bowman is taking over! Co-starring and CG author Lori Janeski.  Matthew and Lori will be talking about superheroes, Catholic news, TV shows, Star Wars, ISIS and the refugee crisis, and more. Plus, special guest: Strawpope Frank! Yes, Frank's back in the news, even though it's getting ever more easy to tell the difference between him and Pope Francis.

All that and more, plus your calls!


  1. I've only seen the first five episodes of Jessica Jones, and there are a few things that bug me about it.

    The first is how blatantly "adult" everything is. It lacks a lot of maturity. Compared to Daredevil that had almost no swearing or gore outside of stray instances, and characters that had levels, Jessica Jones feels a lot shallower. The pointless sex scenes and swearing as well as everyone being a jerk really grates after a while.

    However, when dealing with Jessica and Kilgrave's cat and mouse game the show is at its best. If only the rest of the show was at its level. The problem is I dislike about every other character other than those two. They all come off as really shallow and unlikeable people whereas everyone in Daredevil was someone you wanted to follow.

    I'm not going so far as to call it a swing and a miss, but after Daredevil, it doesn't feel nearly as strong and it's certainly not nearly as mature.

    I'm really hoping the Luke Cage and Iron Fist series don't go further in this direction.

    1. While I haven't seen it myself, I'm TOLD that she was basically a basketcase with poorly handled PTSD (medicated with pointless sex and booze). So I'm not surprised. Also not too encouraged -- except by Kilgrave.

      I'll see if I can make myself sit through all of it at some point.


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