Friday, December 18, 2015

Music blog: The Cruxshadows- O Holy night

Because it's Christmas.  It is time to party. And this is awesome music. And yes, it's the Cruxshadows, just try it anyway. Trust me on this, would you?

And, just for the record, if you're one of those Black Saturday shoppers, seriously, just buy Honor At Stake. The price has dropped to $10. It's a good deal, and it's readable for all ages. It really is. It'll make life easier on you.

Merry Christmas, everybody.


  1. I hear that FaceBook has banned you! Tell us what you did! You're going to have to work at it to compete with Mike Z - AFAIK, he's managed to get banned by Zuckerman over 30 times...

    1. Just from groups. I have yet to start my counter of MZW bans. FB decided that I posted to much ... in FB promo groups...

  2. One of my favorite Christmas hymns.


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