Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hugo Nominations upcoming (also, Amaranthe - Razorblade)

Item the first.

Hugo nominations start around Feb 5.  So, get your licks in now at, and tell them about your favorite author(s) in science fiction and fantasy from 2015.  Don't forget that this includes categories like film, fanzines (like blogs) best fan writing and best related work (like Sad Puppies Bite Back could be), novels, etc.

No, I'm not subtle. I'll stop. I promise ... right after I'm told that I didn't even get a Hugo nomination. Then I'll stop. Honest.

Though, right now, I'm still wrapping my brain around getting looked at twice for Best Novel in SP4 -- heck, I knew SPBB would be a contender, but Honor At Stake? Not so much.

Anyway, be warned.....

There be Puppy Kickers ahead.....

Thanks to Jagi Wright. I love that image.

Anyway, and now, while you go off to learn all about Sad Puppies and their suggested works ... some music. And PARKOUR!!!!

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