Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Movie night: The Detective

So, item one, obviously, the radio show did not go off as planned. I couldn't log into the system, and by the time it was up and running, the show would pretty much be done with.

Anyway, just to make my life easy for five minutes, I'm going to show you a movie. For free.

If you've never heard of GK Chesterton's Father Brown ... have you been living under a rock? Before there was Father Dowling (and you've at least heard of that one, haven't you?) there was Father Brown, created by Chesterton out of thin air.

While there have been some attempts at Father Brown (the most recent evoking the most homicidal reaction from me), this is probably the best. Not because of the accuracy of the scripts to the stories (for that you want the Father Brown as done by Kenneth More) but because of the best execution of character, done by Alec Guiness.

And it's for free on YouTube.



  1. I'm enjoying this; thank you for posting it, Declan. I do wish though that there were subtitles - they might be speaking "English", but much of it is unintelligible to me.

  2. Given that it's British daytime television, I think the recent Father Brown is surprisingly good. Then again, anytime the BBC portrays a sympathetic religious character is surprising to me.

    1. My problem? Start with how they rewrote "Hammer of God" so that it was politically correct. You don't rewrite Chesterton.

    2. Hardly surprising, from the BBC, though I see your point.


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