Tuesday, February 23, 2016


So, in the last few days, I've lost some of the more interesting people on Twitter.

In fact, I've lost the most interesting people on Twitter (as much as I love some of my friends on Twitter, they aren't that active).

Larry Correia? Gone

Daddy Warpig (long story)? Gone.

Actor Adam Baldwin (Firefly, The Last Ship, Independence Day)? Gone. And he went out with a bang.

So, what's gone wrong with Twitter?

To start with, Twitter has created its own Committee for Public Safety.  Yes, that's right, they've decided to go the way of the French Revolution.  But instead of Public Safety, it's the Trust and Safety Council. Instead of Robespierre, we've got ... wait for it ...

Anita Sarkeesian.

"Wait, Declan," I hear you ask, "who the bleep is that?"

Remember Gamergate? I had like two posts on it. Sarkeesian is the one who doesn't know writing tropes, who I fisked into next Tuesday.

Yes, she's the one in charge of censoring and purging Twitter.  There is "shadowbanning" (where you don't know that your followers can't see you anymore), and the outright deletion of conservative JOURNALISTS from Twitter. Yes, you read that correctly -- if you're of the wrong political party, you are made an unperson.

Welcome to freaking Orwell, everyone.

And of course, the insanity? It doesn't stop there. Personally, I've come across some stupid lately.

Look at this thread on Twitter from Liz Bourke.  You remember her, of course -- I fisked her more than once on this blog. She's officially my favorite punching bag at Tor.

If you'll look at the thread above (archived, in case the tweet disappears), you'll see this tweet.


Awww, aren't you a special widdle snowflake! No, seriously, I honestly, honestly hope that she's joking with that one.  I can't imagine someone being stupid enough to be serious about that.

Even Tom Kratman, when he commented on the last time I fisked Bourke, said she wasn't worth the time or trouble.

And frankly, Madam Bourke, the people who comment on my blog are not the people of File 770. Mine are relatively sane. Okay, I have Clamps show up every once in a while, but that's usually if I mention Vox Day or Shadowdancer ... yes, I know I might have just summoned the little s**t to my blog, but he can bite me.

In case you were wondering, Set To Kill refers to psychos like this as SMURFs or CHUDs -- because CHORF will jump at any name. ANY name. Period. I'm surprised they haven't bitched more about being called Puppy-Kickers. Perhaps they just like the name.

But seriously, though, madam Bourke, I fisked you. That's it. "You'll monitor the blog in case of death threats"?

Welcome to Twitter

Criticism? Making death threats

Teasing name calling? They evoke Godwin's law, for reasons.

Parody them? It's "revenge porn."

You have to wonder if they spend days searching Wendell tweets for secret codes to be angry over?

One day, they'll figure out we're laughing at them...

But today? Today is not that day.

So, please Twitter, go ahead, let the Social Justice Weenies take over. See if we care.

Your stock is already dropping, faster and faster. Going after Milo, now everyone else.

When it drops even more like a rock, I look forward to the day when oh, Breitbart, or Larry Correia, or, well, any sane person buys it, then starts firing the top brass, and all the censors.

Have fun, Twitter. I'll be interested to have this conversation again in another two months -- perhaps your stock will fall another 10%.

Until then, I think i'm going to post ads for my books, then down some popcorn.

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