Wednesday, February 17, 2016

#SadPuppies news from Camestros Felapton

The author of the blog Camestros Felapton was presented to me as a Puppy-Kicker, and I was sent the link to a a blog post called "What's the saddest level of Sad Puppy Campaigning there is?" and used me as the prime example.

To which I say ... yeah, pretty much. No argument.

Then again, let's face it, I didn't really expect Honor At Stake to have a hope in Hell .... until there WAS a hope in Hell.

I'm still surprised that there is a hope in Hell.

However, as the same person noted, Somewhither, by the awesome John C. Wright, has had another spurt to the top. Going by that graph, I'm currently tied with Jim Butcher.

But, just to let you into my mind a little, focus on that a second. My book, Honor At Stake, is currently tied with a bestselling novelist. Not bad for a nobody from the back end of New York City.

Now, as I said, Camestros Felapton was presented to me as a Puppy-Kicker, and I don't know if he is or not, but he has some nice bits of numbers crunching, as well as some interesting observations here and there, like "Where did Kevin J. Anderson go?" Which is a good question -- I haven't even seen his work in my local bookstores, though I know he must have published something in the last 12 months.

Then again, I'm so far behind in my reading, I've only read The Aeronaut's Windless among the Hugo award nominees. Hell, I'm still on reading LAST year's nominees.

One thing I'm going to point out that's curious, however, is this. This is the graph.

Stolen from here

The recent spike of JCW votes has been, in part, due to posting and counting actual vote counts online. Jagi Lamplighter-Wright posted the most recent count (below) on her Facebook, and there was a sudden spike of voting in general. Do not be shocked. Voting is a combination of quality of book, as well as fan motivation. You can have the best book ever written, but if your fans aren't motivated, you aren't getting any awards.

Expect the votes to go back and forth as both Wright fans and others come to the fore.

Now the only problem I have with the counting? Well, here's the Brian Niemeier count of votes from last week.

See the difference?

For some reason, Son of the Black Sword is on the graph, but Michael Z. Williamson's A Long Time Until Now isn't even acknowledged. It's head scratching, but then, I'm the guy who's still surprised to be on the ballot, so what do I know?

Also, for the Camestros Felapton blog, I'd double check the numbers posted, because I think JCW is kicking my ass to an even GREATER degree than noted here.

No, that's not a complaint. If I get trounced by John C. Wright (and Jim Butcher), my point of view is that it took JCW and Butcher to trounce me.

If you have no trouble wrapping your brain around that, you have far more faith in me and my work than I do.

However, now that all that is said and done, I am getting trounced, and I suspect I'm going to need a spike in votes just to stay on the board. So if you haven't voted yet, please do. The voting is going to close by the end of the month, and I think I'm going to need all the help I can get. Even if you haven't invested in Honor at Stake, check out my Sad Puppies Bite Back, and consider it for best related.

Also, as a note for the Camestros Felapton blog? If you start running out of material, check out the other categories. Sad Puppies Bite Back can probably give you plenty of fodder. Because it's just insane.

Anyway, while I think about it, I've gotten some new reviews kicking about.

Glenda Bixler, who really liked the Pius books-- one, two AND three -- returns for another bout with my novels.

The title? "Declan Finn Presents Literary Vampire Tale Unique Enough to Override My Lack of Interest...LOL."
I've lived through the vampire craze several times and am no longer really interested. But with a writer like Finn, I knew I could expect...more...and I got it!
And a continuation....
Finn easily handles the fight scenes as required to handle vampires. In fact, he's handle this entire book in such an exciting, unusual fashion that I was totally fascinated. Except for the "vampire" villains, the book reads like a great thriller. All in all, I loved the book. Finn has jazzed up the story line sufficient to please readers of romance, thrillers and the horror fans who crave that blood-drinking stranger who attacks and destroys through one bite...LOL Actually, that doesn't happen according to this author's plan on learning a lot if you're into the whole vampire lexicon.
Don't miss this one!
Another great review is from JD Cowan.  His title is simply, "And Burn they do"

I wonder where he got that title?


I'll excerpt only one bit of this one.

It's a shame that vampires no longer inspire works like this, usually being little more than allowing erotic fantasies to come to play for the author in place of characters or plot. Declan Finn shows that not only does he get the appeal of the vampire monster, but doesn't miss the point of why they're a threat in the first place. Just a good job all the way around.

It's moments like this that I enjoy my job even more than usual. 


  1. In my defense, the number of people who read my Facebook posts who had not already voted is probably small.

    Your response reminded me of the time John lost a Nebula to Joe Halderman...I think he felt it was almost as much an honor as if he had won!

    1. Can't say I blame John for that.

      I'd feel pretty much the same way in that instance. :)

    2. I think you underestimate your reach. There were twenty more voters after you posted.

      And for a mostly self-published author to be toe-to-toe with bestselling authors? Yup, the comparison is accurate.

  2. In case you ever need a clip of a lovely lady kicking a puppy:

  3. Thanks for the link Declan. I might do Best Related Work also, but turning blog comments into neat tabulated data is a pain. I don't envy Kate Paulk's task in collating all the categories!

    1. You're welcome.

      Yeah, collation is ... fun. Haven't quite banged my head against a wall trying to keep count, but Paulk only has to do it once. :)

  4. Son of the Black Sword shouldn't be on anybody's list. I was up at the top when this started, but I keep telling everybody to not vote for me. I'm turning down any Hugo nomination I ever get. Don't waste your votes.

    1. I presume this is Mr. Correia, so I will write accordingly.

      The good news is that, while Song of the Black Sword was in an early top ten list, it's not anymore. I'm actually surprised that Ringo is on the list, since he has also stated that he wants nothing to do with the Hugos.

      I have mentioned before that you did not want a Hugo earlier on,

      I didn't mention it here because that blog was about 8 days before this one. I'm still trying to figure out why your name is being banded about at Camestros Felapton, but that might be because he's been described to me as a Puppy Kicker -- which, if true, just means that he wants to keep your name involved as long as possible. If not true, then he might have been keeping your name because you were on the list earlier on.

      Just a thought.

    2. Larry's recent book got a lot of recs in the data I grabbed. No other significance to it being there. Lots of people nominating on the SP4 site. Surprised me also given what Larry C had said before. Some crossover between the people recommending Son of the Black Sword and the people recommending Jim Butcher's The Aeronaut's Windlass (which makes sense).

      Naturally I wouldn't call myself a 'puppy kicker' because I like puppies but yes, I think I probably fit the profile of people you call 'puppy kicker'

    3. Hey, CF, I hadn't heard of you before, well, this blog post, so I'm only going by what little I hear. And I haven't really heard all that much. I think maybe three people have mentioned you offhand? As I noted above, you were *presented* as a Puppy Kicker, but I hadn't seen anything untoward at your blog.


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