Tuesday, March 29, 2016

K List writers, Vox Day, and a few #SadPuppies

So I tripped over this on Larry's blog the other day. It's an old one, apparently. Basically, instead of an A-list or D-list writer, he went through the whole Alphabet, from John C. Wright, to Larry, to, well, Damien and Andrew Clamps / Yama Marston of Marshfield Massachusetts (though to be fair, I'm told that he's been decidedly absent from the internet lately, so who knows, maybe he's finally on his meds) .

Then I got to these two sections. his Blog.

J List – What the F**k? I’m a Real Writer? =$
  • Authors who are still getting used to the idea people want to read their crap. 
  • Authors who have sold a respectable number of books. 
  • Authors who check their book’s Amazon rank every hour. 
  • Authors who start to pay most of their bills with their royalties.
Check ... getting there ... not quite that bad ... not quite there.  

Real might be stretching it a little.

K List – Welcome To Mid List =$
  • The average professional author with a writing career. 
  • Authors making enough money to be really tempted to quit their day job except their spouse won’t let them. 
  • Authors who are still really happy when anybody shows up to a signing. 
  • Authors who are still terrified that their fans will realize they’re a talentless fraud any minute now.
I suppose -- I'm doing it all day .... this is my day job .... I'll take anyone at a signing (I'll take a signing) ... and yes.

Yes, my life looks strange. It's even stranger in my head.

Then again, I've had some interesting fans recently.  I noted last week that I've been quoted by 770 and John C. Wright.  Apparently, I was also quoted extensively (on the same topic) by Vox Day.

So, that's always interesting. Also, Castalia House has started to follow me on Twitter. So, things are either going to get really interesting ... or really odd.

But then, odd is pretty much the status quo.


  1. Interesting thought about that last item under "K-list". I am not a writer. While I have commited to finishing my piece of Ringo Fan Fiction before Halloween, I made no promises about sharing it.

    However, I have the same fear about my 'real' job. Someday my boss is going to realize that I'm making it up as I go along, and fire me. I think that little bit of fear is better for your craft than being convinced you're God's Gift (*cough*GRRM*cough*). If nothing else, it keeps you from insulting your fans every time you open your mouth.

    1. Heh. God's gift. Sure. I'll be happy to make enough cash to keep from starvation. I'll take that and run with it.


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