Saturday, March 5, 2016

LibertyCon or Bust

In case you hadn't heard -- and to be honest, I may not have made that big a deal about it -- I'm going to be attending LibertyCon 29, this July.

Most importantly, I'll be there as a guest.

And, as I look down this guest list, it's pretty damn awesome: Larry Correia. Sarah Hoyt. Julie Cochrane. Lou Antonelli. Jason Cordova. Burkhead,  Gannon, Grant, John Ringo, Tedd Roberts, David Weber. Toni Weisskopf, Michael Z. Williamson.

And these are just the people I've read or are aware of.

And I'm going to be there as a guest....

And if everything goes like I think -- #1 Sad Puppy recommended for best novel....

And if a miracle happens, a Hugo nomination....

I think I'm going to lie down now.

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