Saturday, March 12, 2016

Set to Kill, Chapter 11 Excerpt

Yes, this is yet another excerpt from Set to Kill, my sequel to It was only on Stun!

Sean has killed yet two more people. I've decided to get rid of the fight scene here because, well, it has a nice punchline, and I can't give you the ENTIRE book.

Right now, I have 41,000 words written. I think I'm not doing too badly for a book I announced two months ago. Though I need to have fewer distractions. Now that I don't have to worry about monitoring Sad Puppies for right now, I'm good. Yay. Maybe this will go faster.


* * * *

Sean lowered the gun, and swept the area once more with his eyes. He expected screams, some yelling, maybe some stampeding.
Instead, he found everyone on the floor staring at him.
Without any preamble, a tall CosPlayer, wearing SWAT gear and a Cookie Monster mask, started clapping. Others were merely taking footage on their phones and uploading it to YouTube, live.
The door burst open behind him, and Sean started, and was about to bring his gun up when he saw that Gary Castelo had charged through the door, tetsubo held high. The author, stopped, looked at the bodies, and said, “Sorry I'm late. I was caught up in a discussion about midichlorians. Jesse was particularly loud.”
Matthew Kovach was right behind him, peeking his head out the door. “Show's over already? Nuts.” He took two steps out the door, and looked around. “They only sent two guys? What? They're figuring that their odds would have improved after the first four waves of douchebags?”
No idea.” Sean slid his gun away. “I'm just hoping they didn't follow me here, but I can't see any other way to have known where I was. I didn't really know until I checked the schedule.”
Kovach rolled his eyes. “At this moment, we're the greatest concentration of Tearful Puppies in any one place, in public, at the entire convention. Where else would you have been?”
Sean frowned. “Point.”
I'm just wondering why you didn't shoot them in the first place,” Castelo said.
I didn't want to get into a gun battle in the middle of a convention, duh.” Sean rolled his eyes. “I might have gotten the critic fan over here, but these guys are professionals. I prefer to close on the guys with the guns, and shoot the ones with the knives. Better than having a swordfight, that's for darn sure.”

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