Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Can We Stop?

Fun Fact: homosexuals are somewhere between 2% and 5% of the US population, and about 1.85% of the entire planet Earth. Previous estimates were brought to you by the vile slander of a Doctor Kinsey, who had enough of his own problems that biased his research methodology as well as his results.

At which point, you have to wonder what the numbers of genuine "transgender" people are.

And now, we've got .... this.

The stupid. It burns. It burns so badly. I mean, look at this, these students have become so open minded that their brains have fallen straight out of their heads. Honestly, is there anything here that they won't "accept?" Because "acceptance"?

Look, the biggest number I've seen on the Trans population is .3% of the population of the United States, and that's from a study that strikes me as seriously, seriously off. I don't know if it's biased, the stats are bad, or the metrics are rigged, but looking at the rest of the "stats" in that study, I want to take that with a pinch of salt and a shot of tequila.

And heck, researchers from the American Society for Suicide Prevention, and from the Williams Institute, did a study on suicide attempts in transgender and gender non-conforming adults. The data was drawn from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS). This survey was conducted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and National Center for Transgender Equality.

Their conclusion?  That people who "transition" are TEN TIMES MORE LIKELY TO COMMIT SUICIDE THAN THE REST OF THE POPULATION.

So ... with these two facts, I have to ask some questions. Even assuming that there are that many Trans people in the entire country, why should we pass laws like "gender neutral bathrooms"? Doesn't that inconvenience an entire population for less than a fraction?

And if those who transition are more likely to off themselves, why are we hearing about more "rights" for them, and not about more screening and therapy? Because, really, it sounds like either these people were not mentally fit to have this surgery in the first place, or they were not sufficiently prepared for life as a butterfly. Yes, butterfly. Because I'm tired of this terminology BS. Aren't those people pushing for all transients to transient, then aren't they basically trying to rush them into a procedure that will more often than not lead to them murdering themselves?

Frankly, here's my thing: if you were born with two sets of genitalia, and the wrong ones get cut, then that's a genuine problem. Not even up for discussion. But obviously, that's not even being CONSIDERED. It's "You can be whatever you want to be." Yeah, well, I want to be a bestselling author, and that's something I have to work for, not wish upon a star and get it. If I want to be Batman, or anyone or anything else, also not going to happen.

And now, we've got Doctor Strange having gender bending -- I mean, hell, we're bending space and time, why not something else while we're at it -- and it's generally being shoved in everyone's face. And why? No real reason that I could find. Because ... "Oh look, gay marriage, now what's next"? Honestly, I neither know, nor care, I would just like the screaming to stop. I want the stupid "LET'S SHOVE IT IN EVERYONE'S FACE" to stop.

How about we make a deal, world? If I get in your face, feel free to punch me in the face. And if you continue to get in mine, I will do the same to you? Is that fair? Is that accepting enough for you?

And why the good ***damn do I have to accept anyone or anything? Is my accepting of who and what you are so vitally important to you? Do you know me? Do you respect my opinion so much that it is vital to your continued well being? Am I such a person of importance and veneration, that if I don't approve of your every single action, that you will fold like a house of cards?

No, seriously, I'm curious, why should I care? I mean, hell, on the one hand, imagine that a butterfly is going to use a public restroom ... if this person looks like the proper sex for that bathroom, who's going to check? Unless said person has had really lousy surgery, who'll notice? Anyone wearing beard or a mustache hair while walking into a women's bathroom will probably have trouble. Though to be honest, if a guy dressed like a woman used a urinal right next to me, I probably wouldn't even notice, I live in New York.

I reiterate, why should I care? And frankly, why should my apathy upset anyone?  But the refrain is that I, and people like me, will be made to care. Guess what folks, when people ram pamphlets into my face about saving the wales or decreasing our nuclear arsenal, my first thought is that we should nuke the wales as soon as possible.

I am a really cranky human being who has to force himself to not going into full-on misanthropy. Do you really want to force me to give you that much attention? Because it will probably not end well. Trust me, there are people who have asked for my signatures on petitions who know better. Then again, they were asking for signatures against "attacking ISIS" while I was wearing a t-shirt that says "waterboarding instructor," so that's its own joke right there.

I must ask, does this "acceptance" and "tolerance" go both ways? Hi, I'm Catholic, I believe that the Pope can make infallible decisions, that babies shouldn't be aborted and that violent criminals should be fed to sharks (dead or alive), and that torturing terrorists is no big deal if they're following Inquisition guidelines, and tyrannicide is still approved by the Catholic church. You must accept that belief, right? I'm sorry, do you not accept that belief? Why don't you accept that belief? How dare you NOT accept that belief. You SHOULD!! You MUST! Because TOLERANCE!! And ACCEPTANCE!!! And HAVE I MADE MY POINT YET, OR MUST I STICK IT IN YOUR EYE?


Anyway, can we all move on to something else now? Let the washout, has been music stars like Ringo Star and Bruce Springsteen have their temper tantrums, as long as the rest of us are left alone? Can we agree on that? Please?

And, no, for the record, I am not having trans, gay, lesbian, or bi characters in any of my work unless there is a damn good reason for it. If you don't like that, I invite you to attempt anatomically impossible acts upon yourself.  Unless there's a surgery for that too.

Right now, I would just love it -- love it-- if we could have news stories and controversies about something relatively important. What's ISIS doing? Has Baghdad or Damascus fallen? Has Putin taken Georgia yet? And frankly, if this LGBTQMOUSE stuff is your bailiwick, here's an easy one: people are being slaughtered all over the world for being anything less than straight, and we're having arguments over bathrooms. Maybe you can find something important about that.

But seriously, can we just stop?


  1. How do you feed violent criminals to dead sharks?

    Oh. Wait. Never mind. Mis-read that part. Sorry.

    Found something interesting in my reading journey yesterday, and I wish I could remember where it was so I could source it. You know how they always say that "gender is a social construct"? They were incorrectly paraphrasing a study that shows that femininity/masculinity is a social construct. Your gender is, for the vast majority of cases, tied to your plumbing. The social construct part is what tells me that cussing and fighting are inappropriate for me and my indoor plumbing, while perfectly acceptable for you and your outdoor plumbing.

    Now I remember - it was a history of high heels. They were originally worn by the Persian calvary, and picked up by male nobility as a sign of virility and he-manliness. Women started wearing them when the fashion for women veered towards dressing like men (1600's or so - look for paintings of women in hats and smoking pipes).

  2. To be fair to these poor kids, it's not that they don't have the brainpower to recognize the discrepancy between perception and biology. They've simply been taught that verbally calling attention to that discrepancy is at best an infuriatingly rude faux pas (like making a comment about someone's toupee to their face in public) and at worst either an example of sincerely immoral bigotry or a genuinely dangerous action that could cause real psychological (or, through triggering suicidal ideation, even physical) harm, or both, and nobody wants to be -- or appear to be -- the kind of a-hole that doesn't care about such things.

    The more dangerous fundamental stance underlying this, however, is that truth is not worth upholding if it causes someone suffering in the process, and however misguidedly compassionate that perspective, its danger should be clear, I think.

    1. Perhaps. Though I'm not sure. Calling attention to the discrepancy can be constituted in some parts as starting a fight. "You wanna make something of it?" sort of thing. This started as "I'm so tolerant, I'll accept whatever you want to be," until it became so deranged not even they could play along.

      People seem to forget that truth is a defense. I await the day we have one of these lawyers say "What is truth?" and bring us full circle 2000 years ago.

  3. So are you at the point where you're willing to accept others' delusions, not accept that they are real, but that some people are delusional, as long as they go away and leave you alone? I'm not being critical. It's just that it will never work that way. That's wishful thinking. They won't go away and leave you alone. But you probably already know that. Hence the misanthropy and frustration.

    1. Dang it. I already replied to this and blogger didn't want to accept. Gah.

      You're correct, I do know that. And while they will continue to try to force me to care, well, they're going to have an interesting time of it.

      Frankly, while I would never accept their delusions, if they weren't shoving them down our throats, I could very easily ignore them, and let them do what they want to themselves -- and only TO THEMSELVES. I learned a very long time ago that I can't fix people, I can barely help people. Been there, done that, have the "I'm an emotional punching bag" t-shirt.

      I used to joke with my friends "Don't beat yourself up, let me do it." But considering everything we know about what "transitioning" does to those who do it, I refuse to aid and abet people who want to lead to their own grievous harm. I'd like to help. I'd suggest psychotherapy left, right and center. But I can't change their minds. At best, my major suggestion would be for them to back down from their current, knee-breaking positions before there is real backlash.

      But no, they don't want to live out nice quite lives as whatever they want to be. The Transformers public policy is to make everyone else bend to their whims, rewrite the language, change pronouns, and let them march into wherever they like depending on "how they feel." If I followed my feelings, I'd probably be a serial killer by now, so that really isn't a good argument.

      .... And I'm sure I had a point when I started this comment. I'm certain I did. I did last time. Hopefully, I answered your point somewhere in there. I was cranky and tired when I finished the first comment... an hour ago... I just hope I don't sounds like a mass murderer by now.

      Oh well. Let me know if this makes no sense, I'll just start over. Maybe I'll be coherent and / or sane-ish at that point.


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