Sunday, April 24, 2016

Set To Kill, Meet the Puppies

As my regular readers know I'm writing this new book called Set to Kill: a murder mystery that takes place at "WyvernCon" in Atlanta.

Yes, WyvernCon. Because I'm subtle. 

I have two groups at WyvernCon, the Tearful Puppies (the Hydrophobic Puppies didn't show up), and their Puppy Punters ("Dog Catchers" didn't convey my meaning).

Puppy Punters include

Patty and Terry Smith-Smythe-Smits, publishers at Rot books (Name of Publisher to change ... I hear "Midden" is a good idea).

Their minion Fred Moshevsky, a drooling hunchback.

Kendall Adler, who draws on company walls with the

Author S Typhoon Teacup

Johnny Noah Prada

Nicole K.Victoria Daalman.

And Charles RR Martinez. ... who is so white it's pronounced Martin-es.

Yama "Crabs" Marshman, Internet stalker, from the back end of Boston.

And, of course, Jerry Friedman, an aging author still claiming cred for a popular creation over 50 years ago, the Hairballs.

Tearful Puppies include ....

Gary Castelo, intergalactic lord of rage / dark lord of the fisk.

Rachel Hartley, Vile yet Glamorous Fairy Princess

Jesse James, and his daughters Faith and Sophia. Do not mention the old west outlaw to him.

Omar Gunderson

Colonel George Bradley

Tom Knighton

Cryomancer, an Australian artist

Calvin Y, "Crazy Cal" Jefferson.

I won't even go into Agnes O'Day, leader of the Hydrophobic Puppies

Yes, because I'm subtle.


  1. Are you quite sure you're a Sad Puppy and not Rabid? Of course, after last year, Brad started sounding a bit hydrophobic himself.

    I do so enjoy subtlety.

    1. Oh, there are days I'm very Rabid, but those are only some days.

      Right now, I'm content to poke fun at them as they slip away into obscurity. Vox would like to burn down the Hugos -- or help the SJWs burn it down on their own. I'm content to move on. I don't know if they're doing an SP5. Though it would be hilarious if they did. I'd join up just to watch the fireworks.

  2. *giggles at 'it was only on stun' and 'set to kill' *

    Laughter. Best weapon ever.

    1. Speaking of which.... Pre Order here.


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