Monday, May 9, 2016

Gone Rabid: Madness Returns

Yesterday, I did a post on "The SWATting of Moira Greyland," and I called it Sad Puppies Bite Back, 2016.

I made a mistake. Several actually.

First of all, I made a lot of assumptions, which I should not do at one in the morning. The major one being that people know what the Hell I'm talking about by "Sad Puppies Bite Back."  I had someone on Twitter ask me what was going on, and I couldn't do exactly explain in 140 characters very well.  And while I can direct them to the tab at the top of the page, it's a long, long story, and a bit of a slog.

And so, the following is presented for everyone who has no bloody idea what the heck I'm talking about when I mention Sad Puppies Bite Back.

Last year, I described Sad Puppies Bite Back as follows:
This is one of those fever dream moments. You know, that bit where you don't know where the ideas came from, or what you were thinking, or even why it happened in your head at all? It's sort of like how I wrote It Was Only on Stun! ....
.... if you look down the Sad Puppy backers, you have "Sarah Hoyt, Evil Yet Beautiful Space Princess" (Yes, as a proper name), Larry Correia has adopted the moniker as the International Lord of Hate. Brad Torgersen .... anyway, we'll get there in a moment.
To be honest, I have no idea how many were self-named, and how many just sort of ... happened ....
Anyway, back in January, I tripped over a funny piece by Vox Day .... which basically boiled down to "The monthly staff meeting of the Evil League of Evil" (in the Lair of the Puppies).
For some reason, ever since I heard about the death threats on the Puppies, and I wondered when Larry Correia or Brad would be SWATted, all I could think of was, well, what would happen?
For those people who are not familiar with the concept of SWATting, it's the practice where someone calls 911, insisting that the target has a gun, is violent and actively threatening to shoot people, in the hopes that the SWAT team knocks down someone's door and possibly gets them killed. Fun, huh? This has been a tactic that's come up in the last year. I was going to call this SWATing Sad Puppies, but I can't see that title going over well.
But just imagine....
From that one inciting incident, I ended up with a 16 part series, including a Guest Blog, and ended up as the #1 Sad Puppy nominee for Best Related, and #2 as Best Fan writer, and I think the comments section of File 770 has a shoot to kill order out on me, though I may be mistaken. Heh.

I said I made several mistakes. The second mistake was calling yesterday's post "Sad Puppies Bite Back 2016." Why? Because on the one hand, Moira Greyland herself said she's more of a Rabid Puppy. She's a Rabid Puppy nominee. And the Rabids have most of the categories.

And, most importantly, from what I've gathered, with the announcement of the Dragon Awards, the Sad Puppies just don't give a crap about the Hugoes anymore. I've had discussions that boil down to "Should Sad Puppies go on to something else," and that's a conversation on another post -- this one, over here.

As for myself, no, I have not gone Rabid, as I said before. I don't have the energy to care.

So, I'm thinking of calling this "Rabid Puppies Bite Back" as we go along. After all, I SWATted Sarah Hoyt and Kate Paulk last year, as well as Jim Butcher. And since there was only major Sad Puppy success in Best Novel, it incites little interest. I have no interest in SWATting Naomi Novik, Leckie or Jemisin, and I suspect Neil Stephenson doesn't care, he's got his Hugos.  

And while I might SWAT Brian Niemeier in the future, there's overlap with the Rabid list there, too.

So I think "Rabid Puppies Bite Back" will be a good title for what's coming next.

Yes. What's next. Because we're going back down the rabbit hole again.

Though I guess from now on [slides on shades] we're going down the Rabid Hole.



  1. First of all, I made a lot of assumptions, which I should not do at one in the morning. The major one being that people know what the Hell I'm talking about by "Sad Puppies Bite Back."

    One of the biggest incorrect assumptions made by people on both sides of the Puppies/Hugo issues is that anybody outside of fandom - and a very narrow slice of fandom, at that - even knows what's going on.

    A large portion of fandom doesn't even know what the Hugos are.

    1. Funny, I figured that the Hugos dropped out of public consciousness sometime after Babylon 5 went off the air.

    2. A surprisingly large portion of fandom doesn't know what Babylon 5 is.

      The sad, pathetic losers. ;)

  2. I /still/ think it should be assembled into a book and sold to us...

  3. OK, I'm totally mystified by Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies. But I do know what the Hugos are. Or were. I have an old book of Hugo award winning short stories and they were good. Some of them became Twilight Zone episodes. I don't know what's going on now in the sci-fi world other than it's hard to find a book I actually want to read.



      What's going on? Social Justice Weenies took over. Pretty much it.


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