Wednesday, May 25, 2016

#NeverHydra and #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend

I was originally going to do a blog post on how SJW leftist dirt bags were trying to suborn and subvert media.

First with Gillian Anderson claiming to be available to be James Bond (Not only is she 20 years too freaking late, but also, you know, a woman).... but you know what? I think Nikki Kenyon covered this.

Then there was the #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, where the LGBTQMOUSE slash fiction community on Twitter banded together to whine that Captain America wasn't gay, and that he and Bucky should have gotten together. Because, apparently, two men can't be best buddies without sex. Because, you know, everything's about sex now.

When it was reported by the NY Daily News, it was reported as "The Fans want this." Which is odd, because I notice they blame a lot of the crap they pull on the "fans" - like the obviously trans Ancient One, which  .... funny, when fans said that Agents of SHIELD sucked, we were told to sit down and shut up. Interviews with Forbes said fans should grow up.

And then, suddenly, what the "fans" want actually matters only when it matches up with a Lib agenda. I'm. So. Shocked.

I even had a conclusion.
Hey, you libtards in the LGBT community. Yeah, you. No, not the ones who want to just go on with their daily lives, the guys in front of you. The ones who scream and whine and carry on about how you want "gay heroes," but won't make your own, but would rather suborn and co-oped preexisting characters with a massive fan base. Yeah, you morons. I've quite had it with you idiots. If you want gay characters, go write some. Hell, make a comic book out of Chuck Tingle's work if you so desire. But put in some of your own effort, and do the work yourself.

But no, those people? The activist ones? They don't want that. They want Captain America suborned. They want someone who is good and pure and just and righteous to be gay so they can tag along to a 75-year history, and be attached to the good qualities around Captain America. They don't want gay characters, they want to co-opt the straight ones.

Normally, I'd say "that's what alternate universes are for," but no. They're apparently not content with that. Screw you people. With a hot poker. Thanks. But no thanks.
Then of course, nope, Marvel Comics had to see that and raise it. How?


So ... yeah. That actually happened. And no, that wasn't click bait. They’re making Steve Rogers, Captain America since 1941, into an agent of Hydra, the Nazi organization of the Red Skull. And no, they've explicitly stated that it's Steve Rogers, no tricks, and they're deliberately rewriting it so that he's always been a Nazi.

Yes, this happened.
Of course, I wrote a whole rant on this over at the Catholic Geeks.

I can't even write one lousy post without the real world becoming even dumber overnight. Really, people, what is your problem? Here is a character. Here is the way a character is written. This is the character's history over time. What's the matter with sticking to it.

And I wait one, just one lousy stinking fanboy to bitch that "Oh, they'll retcon it again with comic book logic somewhere down the line, it's not big deal. It's just a gimmick."


It is a slap in the face to fans, and they have deliberately said as much. They know what they're doing. They're being iconoclastic for no good reason other than to be iconoclastic. In the name of being "edgy" and "different," they've gone out of their way to make the hero of the Marvel universe lesser than what he's always been.

Nope, can't have heroes. It might make someone feel like they're underachieving. Can't have anything to aspire to, because then, we might consider there's some room for improvement in ourselves. Heaven forbid that there's someone out there who is imbued with all good qualities ... you know, like the movie suggested. Can't have goodness, it might imply that there's a standard of "good" out there. Can't have that, now can we?

The long and the short of it is that the good liberals at Marvel can't seem to abide innate goodness. They don't want 'role models' - they want people so broken it makes them look good in comparison. And that's what's killing every bit of story telling libtards touch. And I'm sick of it.

Dear Marvel, your comics lost me at One More Day. Wake me when you take Joe Quesada, and most of his minions, and throw them out the front door, or off the roof. Either way, if you pull this crap in your films, you can ensure that you will never get another dollar from me ever again.


  1. I consider all this Cultural Appropriation, Let them create their own Achetypes

  2. Subversion can only corrupt. It can't create.

    Can you even name the last hero Marvel or DC invented that have made any sort of impression on the mainstream in the last two decades?

    That's why they keep rebooting and relaunching everything. They are completely unable to make anything new.

    1. Honestly? I don't even think they're trying to create new anymore. I think their best attempt has been to pass mantels on to some characters, while enhancing the old ones. Making Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, or giving Peter Parker a business (considering how smart he is, about time.)

      But aside from that .... ugh

  3. Being pro-America is *worse* than being a Nazi.

    By their actions.

    To heck with that.

  4. "...they want people so broken it makes them look good in comparison. And that's what's killing every bit of story telling libtards touch."

    You're right on the money about how SJW-converged institutions like Marvel operate.

    Another aspect of this unparalleled clown funeral is the matter of how they choose targets for cooption and destruction.

    Note that while Superman, Spider-Man, Thor, etc. have all been through the socjus wringer, Captain America went largely unscathed until now. Why? How did he escape their infernal machinations for so long?

    It's no secret that the Marvel movies reach a far wider audience than the comics. It might just be correlation; not causation, but all of these characters' ruination in the comics is preceded by a major movie treatment.

    Cap has been featured in the MCU for almost a decade, so what changed in his film depiction so as to paint a target on his back?

    The Russo brothers happened.

    Joss Whedon is a hell of a writer. But his portrayal of Captain America is stereotypical, bland, and safe. Whedon admitted not understanding the character, so he wrote Cap as a Greatest Generation caricature. The result was, as Honest Trailers aptly pointed out, "No One's Favorite Avenger".

    Contrast stodgy boy scout Cap in Avengers part 1 with his Winter Soldier and Civil War incarnation, who's best described as Libertarian Super-Badass.

    It's no wonder that Steve Rogers has surpassed Tony Stark as the fans' favorite Avenger. Cap takes action and defends liberty, while Tony has been moping around contemplating his navel for the last three movies.

    The pro-liberty, anti-collectivist hero is now more popular than the statist technocrat. Hollywood, of course, can't have that.

    There've been hints of pushback since Age of Ultron. Cap can't lift Mjolnir? Really? GTFO Whedon, and take your smug sense of unearned moral superiority with you. Rogers should be swinging that hammer around like it's a balsa wood croquet mallet.

    Like clockwork, the sales of Nazi-Cap's book will spike; then steeply plummet. The sole reason that publishers can get away with this shit is that comics really only exist to maintain Disney and Warner Bros' film IPs.

    But if they keep pulling cynical stunts like this Ancient One debacle, even their colossal movie franchises will turn out to have feet of clay.

    1. Note that while Superman, Spider-Man, Thor, etc. have all been through the socjus wringer, Captain America went largely unscathed until now. Why? How did he escape their infernal machinations for so long?

      *wry smile* They tried killing him.
      That didn't work.

      So they tried making him a Nazi....

      Shades of Pope Pius XII! Pray for us, sir.

    2. Sigh ... I hear you there, Foxflier. Next step, I write A Pius Trilogy for Captain America [eye roll]


    How does it feel to be the only good version of the character left, Mr. Evans?

  6. You cannot un-make making him a Nazi. Worse, yes there are worse things than nazis they made him a traitor nazi. He not only is a nazi about a foul a thing as you can be for an American, they made him a filthy traitor.

    You could get locked up during the war for being a nazi or sympathizer. You got hanged for being a traitor and for good reason.

    They have forever tainted the brand. And made Cap literally worse than Nazis. I hate them.

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