Tuesday, May 3, 2016

On Moira Greyland and the Hugos

When George RR Martin proclaimed that the Best Related category was a "toxic swamp," due to Vox Day taking over the category, I wondered what the bloody blue heck his problem was.

Look at this.

I mean, when the short story category has Space Raptor Butt Invasion and gay alien dinosaur erotica, and the other has those? What the heck?

Let's face it: the one about Gene Wolfe shouldn't be a problem. Gene Wolfe is an awesome author. Having been on a panel with him, I can verify that he is an amazing person. Can't see one thing that would be a problem about it.

Jeffro? Funny, it wasn't that much of a problem last year, was it? Not a toxic swamp then, was it?

SJWs Always Lie: Taking down the Thought Police, and Safe Spaces as Rape Room .... yeah. That's interesting. Both are about challenging rampant PC idiocy storming the universe.

Then there's The Story of Moira Greyland.

Who's Moira Greyland? I had no idea. Even when I tripped over her in a Writer group on Facebook, her post was "Wow, I have a Hugo nomination!" I asked her if she knew about Puppies, she did, and it ended with her making suggestions about how to SWAT her in another Sad Puppies Bite Back if I did that .... and I might ...

That was it. No idea who she was, where she came from, nothing. Call it a lack of curiosity, or apathy, or maybe I was busy.

How bad could this be?

Then I read Brian's blog entry.

Yeah. Moira Greyland is the sexually abused, frequently raped daughter of Marion Zimmer Bradley -- author of The Mists of Avalon, worshipped by the PC crowd, because "feminism" -- who enabled (and joined in with) her husband in raping young Moira.

Sooo..... George Rape Rape Martin, do you have a problem with The Story of Moira Greyland because she's taking one of the sacred cows of your "Fandom" and making a stake out of her? Is that your problem? Because frankly, making a rape victim a punching bag because she kicked over the rock that you and people like you hid MZB, her husband, and creatures like them?

So if the entire field is a toxic swamp, you have to wonder about Martin hating a book about Gene Wolfe, who is a brilliant fantasy author (who writes for Tor). Or Martin hating Appendix N this year, but not really last year...but hey, he works for Vox, so of course he hast o hate them.

The anti-PC books, we're not really surprised about.

But The Story of Moira Greyland? Really?


Ahem ... Dear George RR Martin, the only reason to hate this story is because you didn't want to hear the truth about a rapist in the midst of your depraved, vile gathering of corrupt, contemptible people who would let rape happen, turn a blind eye to rape because of politics.  Screw you.

Stronger language is probably illegal. Because trust me, I want to throw rocks. 


  1. From the "right" POV, oxygen is toxic. But when someone comes and says he's photophobic, has severe garlic and silver allergy and avoids coming anywhere close of a church, the fact that ONE of those churches is Phelpspian doesn't make the rest of it any less worrying.

    Although, to be... "fair",the SF establishment probably has more trouble with Mrs. Greykland's whistleblowing AS whistleblowing, as some sort of treason against the faith. Would probably be about as angry if she's spoken about shoes, provided that broke the mirage.

    Take care.

    1. Safe Space shows that similar abuses were not isolated to Greyland's family.

  2. It's probably because Moira is using her ordeal as an excuse to push an "all non-cis non-hetero people are evil child molesters." narrative.

    1. Anonymous, go defend pedophilia articles at Salon. Your words are worth nothing here.

    2. She is doing no such thing, friend. The race/gender/orientation of people who hurt children doesn't mean a thing. They're people who HURT CHILDREN... and I'd say *that* is her concern. People who hurt children.

    3. Hello Anonymous, you cowardly wretch of a creature. You come to my blog and want to push your pedo agenda? Yeah. Wrong place, pal.

      Seriously, how is Moira's story OF HER PARENTS RAPING HER a narrative? It's a story that shows that "Fandom," as defined by the Puppy Kickers, is filled with a collection of pederast-defending cretins and thugs, who will do nothing to defend a child, so long as her parents say the right things and hang out with the right people. Which means there's something very wrong with Fandom, and probably wrong with you.

      And as you have chosen to hide behind the shield of anonymity, you can't even claim that I'm using privilege on you. Because you're probably an even bigger loser than I am.

      But then, you're probably someone who applauded Scalzi for saying that he was a rapist.

    4. Because Moira ends her post with But that is not going to slow me down one bit. I am going to keep right on speaking out. I have been silent for entirely too long. Gay “marriage” is nothing but a way to make children over in the image of their “parents” and in ten to thirty years, the survivors will speak out.

    5. Wow, you managed to glean an agenda from one sentence. One. Nicely done. Now if you can just tell me what number I'm thinking of, we can go on the road as a carnival act.

    6. Also, dude, if you can't figure out or understand that she might have underlying issues from her trauma, you might be part of the problem. Hell, sociopaths are more understanding than you are.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Two things: first, it is amazing to see that in my story, the only thing that matters is that after decades of experience in the gay counterculture is that I do not agree with you, and second, the fact that I intend to speak out according to what I believe should be any kind of a problem.

    I suppose in your universe, I am allowed to be raped and molested only if I do not dare to oppose the currently fashionable cultural narrative?

    I am not anywhere near the only child of gays and lesbians who objects to the things we encountered growing up. As my upcoming book will show, there is a fundamental difference in philosophy regarding sex underlying gay culture. That difference amounts to the idea that all sex is good all the time, and sexual freedom is for everyone, including children.

    It sounds good, unless it is your bed which is being... boarded. Look up Jephthah's Daughters by Robert Oscar Lopez, or his blog, English Manif, if you ever feel like challenging your own stereotypes.


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