Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Catholic Geek: Space and Eden

The Catholic Geek: Space and Eden 05/08 by We Built That Network | Science Podcasts:

Tonight on the Catholic Geek, we will look to the stars and in ourselves. First up, at the bottom of the first hour, Karl Gallagher will regale us about the space program, why it's the final frontier, and who's going to make it there first. Keith Korman will talk about his new book, Eden: The Animal's Parable, and look at the Bible as Art or Literature, and how it inspires.

Karl K. Gallagher is a systems engineer, currently performing data analysis for a major aerospace company. In the past he calculated trajectories for a commercial launch rocket start-up, operated satellites as a US Air Force officer, and selected orbits for government and commercial satellites. Karl lives in Saginaw, TX with his family. 

Keith Korman is an American literary agent and novelist. Over the years he has represented many nationally known clients through his family's agency, Raines & Raines. The agency is most noted for representing the following books: The Detective, Deliverance, Die Hard, Cruising, My Dog Skip, How to Eat Fried Worms and Forrest Gump. Korman's novels include Secret Dreams, Banquo's Ghosts (with Rich Lowry), and END TIME -- (Macmillan, August 2015).

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  1. There were actually THREE Punisher movies, if you can believe it. The Dolph Lundgren movie, the Thomas Jane movie, and the one from a few years back called Punisher: War Journal.

    Jon Bernthal's turn in Daredevil, it goes without saying, is easily the best portrayal of the character so far.

    I'm glad he got a series out of it, but I still want to see season 3 of DD greenlit soon.


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