Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Dragon Awards Are Coming, everyone look busy

Dragon Con 2016 - Fan Award Voting Sign Up

If you are unaware, the Dragon Awards are coming soon, to a DragonCon near you. Granted, that if you are anywhere near Atlanta.

This "small, regional" convention, to use the SJW term, is host to 60,000 people on an off-year. And yet they have over 100,000 people come to look at their annual parade. But shhhhh, don't tell the local fire marshals. they may suspect that the numbers are low-balled.

Anyway, as you might recall, DragonCon now has their own awards, the Dragon.

As their materials say:

These awards will be by the fans, for the fans, and are your chance to reward those who have made real contributions to SF, books, games, comics, and shows. There is no qualification for voting – no convention fees or other memberships are needed. The only requirement is that you register, confirm your email address for voting purposes, and agree to the rules. This ensures that all votes count equally.

That's correct. An award you don't have to pay money for. You just go to their website and you vote. That's it. A little time, and you're done. Have a nice day.

Now, while I wasn't really interesting in the Hugo Awards until I discovered I had half a hope in Hell of getting a nomination, this one I will actively market for.  If I had any idea how to market (I have three promotional methods, and they're called Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. I could probably do better if I knew how to handle Goodreads, but dang, that UI sucks).

I know I have about 20 fans out there (they voted for me in Sad Puppies 4). I don't know if that's anywhere near enough to compete in the Dragon Awards (Maybe I should just cal them the Dragons. Or something "The Flight.") but I would like to give it the old college try.

Obviously, my only eligible book from last year is Honor At Stake. This is the purchase link if you haven't already grabbed it.

I hope I'm not asking too much. Heck, at most, I'm asking for $2.99 on Kindle, and that's assuming you've been to this blog and not purchased it already.

Technically, I'm not even asking you to buy the book, just vote for it, but I would really rather prefer that you've read the booked, liked the book, and then vote for the book, rather than just cast a vote. I suppose that, yes, if you don't have anything else to vote on, sure, fill in the blank with my book if you like. But I would really rather prefer you have read the book.

Categories Honor at Stake is eligible in.

Best Science Fiction Novel (yes, really. There is science in there. It goes metaphysical, not physical, but it's there.)
Best Fantasy / Paranormal Novel (Obviously. Because Vampires)
Best Young Adult/Middle Grade Novel (I originally meant it for a YA audience. Shows what I know, eh?)
Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel (Maybe .... I do have a paramilitary strike force in the Vatican ninja, and an engagement of forces at the end, but this is a stretch.)
Best Horror Novel -- I've actually gotten one vote in that category already.

You could vote for it in all of them. Heh. (No, I wouldn't suggest it. Not even I did that. Then again, I voted for John C. Wright and John Ringo ... Ringo in at least two categories for the same book)

While you're there, also think about what you'd vote for in
Best Alternate History Novel
Best Apocalyptic Novel (My choice was Ringo's last zombie novel)
Best Comic Book
Best Graphic Novel
Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series
Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie
Best Science Fiction or Fantasy PC / Console Game
Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Mobile Game
Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Game
Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures / Collectable Card / Role-Playing Game
Anyway, at the end of the day, it's all up to you. I don't really have anything else here. Enjoy.

DragonCon award sign up link is here.

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