Monday, June 13, 2016

#E32016, #UbiE3 and #PlaystationE3 Rule Day 1

So I covered Xbox's abysmal opening.  What about the rest of day 1?

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

You may not recall this from a while back, but it looks good, really.

And then some gameplay

They went into depth. They had details! Not just a CGI trailer!  We have plot: SpecOps taking out Bolivia and the drug dealers. And the graphics are almost exactly what the CGI trailer looks like. Yikes.

However, it's not showing off the multiple level approach to each level that was promised in early trailers, but other than that, I'll take it.

My problem? It's a four-player co-op demo.  So ... it looks like more Multiplayer. Argh.

And then, time to find some brave new worlds.

Yes, VR Star Trek.  With Levar Burton, Karl Urban, and Jeri Ryan. Yikes. Not bad for just a stae reveal.

And then, something from a while ago... For Honor

I saw this last year, I think. It's ... basically a hack and slash. But it looks shiny as heck.

And then there was ... this.

And for the love of God, they should tone down Watchdogs 2. It's coming off as way more pretentious than it has any right to be.

Granted, the world and the graphics look GORGEOUS, but then again, from a AAA game had better be at this point. And if they screw up this time, this is a dead franchise.

They've added parkour, but they're still apparently using a politician as a bad guy. Again? Why? Also, An evil social media network rigging an election?  Are we kidding? It feels like this theme is being driven into the ground.

We can hack vehicles this time.  Oh yay.  [I'm sorry, my eyes rolled so hard, they nearly fell out of my head.] I mean, seriously, "Screw the man! People are drones plugged into THE SYSTEM!!!! SCREW THE MAN!"
Hmm, wait, Anonymous and San Francisco. Really? Are we kidding? I thought San Francisco was the lefty capital of the universe, and they want to have us believe that the anti-Establishment hackers are the good guys? They basically ARE the establishment of San Francisco.

Honestly, I know that Ubisoft is run by the French, but this just takes the pretentiousness to a whole new level. "Oooh, a hip young black guy who comes with his own iPod mix. How trendy ... For the 1990s."




Huh. Interesting. On the one hand, more zombies? On the other hand, the tone is different.

Then again, I halfway expected this to be a Walking Dead game. Again.

Then, to my great surprise, there was this.

A God of War game that looks interesting, and I don't even like the series. It seems that after Kratos, ghost of Sparta, is done with his vengeance, he tries to settle down and be a person. Good luck, dude.

Horizon Zero Dawn looks even BETTER than last time.

Detroit Become Human

How very blade runner. I don't know how you become human in Detroit, but I try to inquire too closely.

Batman Arkham VR

Yes, I know this is just an announcement, but it's worth it just to listen to Mark Hamill chews the scenery.

VR Star Wars X-Wing VR missions

Sadly, it'll probably suck, just like the last Battlefront did.

And finally, Farpoint 

No, don't worry, I don't know anything more than you do right now.

And finally, guess what film is coming up.

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  1. I was hoping that the PS4 Star Wars footage was going to be an announcement of a new X-Wing game. Alas, I was disappointed. Looks pretty, though.


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