Friday, June 3, 2016

Honor At Stake, the Book that will not Die

Honor At Stake was pulled from Amazon this week. But don't worry, it's going to come back.

To start with, My work with Damnation / Eternal, / Caliburn press is done. That's it. Game over. Why? In part, I don't know. It was a bit of an accident.

I did ask to have my books back. I was expecting at least a conversation. I would have said that they might want to keep Honor at Stake, perhaps the Matthew Kovach novel Summer Death Camp, and we'd work on it from there.

But, nope. I asked, they removed everything from the servers, and gone so fast, it made my head spin.

And, of course, I couldn't even get my original file. So the ARC PDF had to be made into a document, the corrections had to be re-imputed, everything with Damnation / Caliburn had to be ripped out, then turned back into a PDF.

So, yeah, this has been fun.

For the record, the upcoming schedule looks like this.

Sometime in the next 24 hours, I will be submitting the entire Love at First Bite series thus far to Castalia House.  Yes, surprise, I finally have a name to the series. It's only been on my computer for 10 years, and published for 9 months. But whatever, right?

Anyway. Why am I dropping everything on Castalia House? Because I hadn't thought that I might make it anywhere with this series. And now that I have, I might actually like someone like a publisher to help me out with it.  But, I'm not waiting for them. Why? Because, simply put, Honor At Stake has already been picked up by one publishing company. It's been published. It's out there. If Castalia has a problem with it being published already, nothing will change that -- including self publishing it via Createspace.

Also, I'm assuming rejection. Why? Because if I plan for ONLY success, Murphy's law dictates that it's going to screw me over. But, if I have everything ready to go when I'm rejected, then I might have a shot.

Yes, welcome to the inside of my brain. It's dark in there.

Now, Set to Kill, if it's rejected, will be rejected in the next week or so. So as it's coming back to me, Love at First Bite #1-3 will be headed in their direction.  They have a guaranteed one month turn around time on books. So by the time I have Set to Kill up and running with no problems, I should have confirmation that Love at First Bite is rejected, and I'm ready to hit publish on book two.

So, the schedule, barring acceptance by Castalia, looks like this....

Honor At Stake, first week in June.
Tearful Puppies Bite Back and Set to Kill, second or third week in June.
Murphy's Law of Vampires, First or second week in July.
Live and Let Bite, probably September.or so.

Obviously, there are a number of factors that go along with this. Castalia, is, of course, the big factor here. if they decide they want the books, it may take months for them to be available.

So if you want them fast, hope Castalia doesn't want them. If you want them done well, you're probably going to have to wait.

Another thing to worry about is the art. The cover art for Honor at Stake is being put together over a series of days. I spent all day yesterday taking photos at Mount Olivet cemetery in Maspeth, just to get something that could be used for the cover.

So yeah, this is going to be fun. The art can be done in record time, but that depends on if my artist has other things to do. Unlike me, she has a life. I just have my books.

Yup. I'm Pathetic. I just have my novels. Oh well.

Look at it this way, next year, I'll at least have three novels to be considered next year for Sad Puppies. Perhaps even Rabid Puppies, if Castalia likes me.

Who knows? Though at this minute, who cares? I need a nap.  Sorry to cut this one short, but damn, I'm tired.

Be well, all, and God bless.


  1. "Matthew Kovach novel Summer Death Camp"??? This is the first I've heard of that - given that you say it's no longer on Amazon, where can I get it?

    1. I haven't published it yet. It needs tons of editing. I was hoping to shoot for it from Damnation. Now I'd be happy to get it from anywhere at all.

  2. I guess my only fear of Castalia House is that they might not put out a physical version. I'm very much a Luddite when it comes to physical mediums.

  3. Castalia is getting better on print editions. It's taking time. They are putting Brings the Lightning out soon in both hardcover and paperback. Hoping I have the opportunity to buy Honor at Stake from Castslia(yes, that'd be the 2nd(and likely 3rd if hardcopy comes) time I'd buy it. I've come to a point where I want to reward good work by artists I like.

    Not a reader or volunteer for Castalia(Vox knows I've tried), just a guy whose wallet hops open when they publish.


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