Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Honor At Stake, Set to Kill, Castalia House, #Sadpuppies, etc

I will be busy this month.

First of all, my publisher was bought out by someone else. For reasons I won't discuss, I'm going to be self publishing Honor at Stake soon. Probably sooner rather than later.  Along with the rest of my novels

However, I'm going to be publishing the sequels after I get a rejection. Because, yes, I'm going to be submitting the whole collection of vampire novels towards Castalia House.

I have another week or two before Castalia rejects Set to Kill, so that will be interesting. I'll submit the vampire novels to them sometime later this week, so by the time I'm done with getting Set to Kill up and running, I'm going to have rejections on the other vampire novels coming in.

So it's simple

  • This week: Vampire submission to Castalia, along with Sad Puppies Bite Back.
  • Next week: Set to Kill rejection arrives  / Set to Kill published via Createspace.
  • End of June: Set to Kill launched. Vampire novels rejected by Castalia. As is Sad Puppies Bite Back. 
  • Start of July: Vampire novels start being released.
  • July 7-11, I'll be at LibertyCon selling Set to Kill and Honor at Stake, et al.

If I'm accepted by Castalia for any or all of that ... this is going to get so much more interesting.

Before you ask, no, I'd have to pay to keep the cover. Which makes no sense to do so, since any artist I work with will be using a different set of materials anyway. Also, I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

No, I can't keep the ISBN.

No, I'm not even entirely certain that my novel will remain on Amazon while I get it up and running again.

Yes, I am certain that when it comes back, it will come back cheaper.

Anyway, I'm also working on organizing a book bomb for about a dozen novels. So ... yeah. Fun times.


  1. You're probably better off for this. I'm about 15% into "A Pius Man" and the random font size changes are driving me crazy. And it's totally not your fault - that's something the publisher should have fixed. I'm 100% convinced you could do a better job on your own.

    Best of luck with the next phase, whether it's Castalia or self published.

    1. A bit more: I'd never heard of your publisher before I bought your book. After seeing what a crummy job they did with it, I know why I've never heard of them.

      I'm actually surprised that somebody paid money for them. I would've just lured their authors away.

    2. Last extra thought because I'm going to bed: I didn't mean that against your book. It deserved better than the job they did with it.

    3. I must ask: which version (kindle / Paperback) and which edition (yellow cover or white cover?)

    4. Kindle. This version: which I guess is yellow?

    5. Huh. That's via Createspace, which hasn't screwed me over until now. Maybe it's Kindle that doesn't like me. I guess I have to figure out what it decided to do now.

    6. Did your publisher format your books? I find it worthwhile to strip all background formatting from books and add in what I want using Sigil. So far as I've heard, it creates a clean product (I do this for pay).

    7. Wait... have you already pulled a lot of your stuff and relisted it yourself? I could have sworn that the other day that one was specifically listed as "Eternal Press."

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