Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Music blog: Moira Greyland, Birnie Bouzel

So, Moira Greyland and I seem to be having some interesting conversations on Facebook. She sent me a collection of her music on Soundcloud.

This one was a nice, light and airy piece. I liked it.

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  1. This song, frankly, takes longer to explain than it does to sing! We had only a little bit of tape left on that reel in the vintage studio I made the album in, and it just happened to fit perfectly, AND to come together in a single take!

    As to the words, when the narrator says: "I'll hunt the otter and the brock, the hart, the hare, the heather-cock, and pu' ye limpets frae the rock tae mak' yer dishes dainty" he is saying he will get his girl a badger (brock) to go with all that wonderful other stuff. "Hodden grey" is "homespun grey wool" as it comes off the sheep, "gin" means "if" and Birnie Bouzle is a place with a church, or a "kirk."

    What fun this was to record!! :)


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