Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Reviews for Pius and Stun!

I don't really know where these reviews came from, or how these folks heard of me, but it's been interesting.

Russell Newquist, who's been around the blog commenting as Leonidas, reviewed A Pius Man. Strange, huh?

I think we can sum it up here, but of course, read the rest.
The best thing about this book is the fun characters. I particularly enjoyed Sean Ryan, the Hollywood stuntman turned mercenary action hero. His background may seem to many to be implausible, but I’ve known enough people from really strange backgrounds that it actually felt more real to me for it. I also greatly enjoyed his portrayal of the fictional Pope Pius XIII. His life history rings very true, and he feels like a priest – the best kind of priest.
Then there's Alfred Genesson, The Injustice Gamer, who has a unique way of doing reviews that someone (ie: me) should probably steal at some point.

He did several short, quick reviews in this post, and you'll want to read the whole thing.  But for the purposes of this post,
It Was Only on Stun!- If you read Declan Finn's Pius Trilogy, this comes before that, and follows Sean A. P. Ryan, while on protection duty at a scifi convention. Filled with hilarity and violence, I'd like to see it as a movie. Only Hollywood won't touch something with real religion, and Catholicism portrayed accurately is anathema to that crowd. 7/10 Fell Deeds.
And then
Pius Tales: The Complete Tales of the Pius Trilogy- Yep. More Declan Finn. This is mostly setup material for most of the characters, and it's all fun. Once again, Catholicism taken seriously with some serious action. 8/10 Fell Deeds.
I find it interesting that he preferred the anthology to the full novel.

And then he did a full review on the entire Pius Trilogy.
These books have a multitude of sins against the culture of Social Justice, primarily stemming from the fact that they are unabashedly Catholic. By this, I mean they are doctrinally Catholic: prolife, against birth control, against euthanasia, against homosexual activity, against pedophilia, and others. This trilogy is also against the revision of history, specifically the interaction of Pope Pius XII and Hitler, whom the revisionists slander as Hitler's Pope, but in reality stood against the Nazi movement from it's inception.

This trilogy commits also the sin of questioning the current President of the United States. Interestingly, the first book was written in 2004: in the afterword for the third book, he requested reality to stop conforming to his fiction. The UN and "international law" are also criticized for their irrelevance and hypocrisy.
Yes, he gave it nine of of ten fell deeds. See what I mean about his review system. Reading the reviews themselves is fun.

And there's Dawn Witzke, who reviewed It Was Only on Stun!, A Pius Man, A Pius Legacy, and A Pius Stand. She liked them all.

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