Thursday, June 16, 2016

Orlando Roundup

I am a pro-gun New Yorker.

Yes, we exist.

I've made some comments on my Facebook feed here and there about the Florida shooting. But let's make this simple. Because there are a lot of simple people out there.

Omar Saddiqui Mateen, 29. Killed by police. Officially the U.S.'s worst mass-shooting murderer, as of today. Slaughtered almost 50 at a popular Orlando gay club. He's connected to ISIS.  AND he's a registered Democrat. Fun huh?

And somehow, the NRA and Christians are to blame. Why? Because those people didn't back every "pro-Gay" legislation for the past year.

Item the first: Dear ISIS, please try that crap in NYC. The pedestrians will beat your ass. Not because we're brave, but because we're easily pissed and very homicidal. Honestly, have you ever see New Yorkers drive? Not to mention that we bite more people per year than sharks.

Item the second: a skinny white kid with a gun and a Confederate flag is an army, and all Confederate flags must be removed. A Muslim psycho security guard with a semi-automatic rifle kills fifty, while shouting Allahu Akbar, and we all have to worry about becoming Islamophobes.  Huh? How does that work, anyway?

In the words of Larry Correia, on Facebook,
Gun free zones are vile, stupid, wishful thinking.

There are evil people in the world who simply do not care about law or good intentions, and they want to kill you. And when they decide to hurt people, you can't count on anyone else saving you in time.

They've seen it work in San Diego, Paris, and Mumbai. They'll bring it to somewhere near you too.

Get a gun, get your permit to carry it, get some training. Gay, straight, doesn't matter, same advice goes to everyone. Evil doesn't care.
Or, as Michael Z. Williamson put it, on the political angle
So, let me get this straight (so to speak), Muslims and Democrats don't have to apologize for the actions of a member of their groups, but Christians and Republicans have to apologize for the actions of a member of two other groups?

I guess that makes perfect sense, if you're a retard or a Democrat. But I repeat myself.
And, seriously, folks, Obama says that we're to blame for the Orlando shooting. How about ISIS, who claimed credit for a Florida attack 3 days before the attack happened.

Sure, Obama. Sure.

In short, post- Orlando, I have seen more ignorant, stupid, inane anti-gun statements than I know what to do with.

People want the UK's gun laws!  Because they don't have mass shootings!  Really? You want the UK's anti gun laws? Do you also want their 100,000 plus knife attacks per year?

You want Australia's gun laws? Perhaps you want Their rape gangs and the sexual assault rate that go with them?

Here are your safe and secure UK and Australia.

Meanwhile, in America....

The June 14th Update states
UPDATE: New mortality numbers for 2014 were released (the government is slow in everything it does). Here are the updated statistics:
Average from 2009 to 2014:
Deaths: 2,531,291
Murders: 14,711
Mass Murder Deaths: 27
You know what? Go ahead, ban guns. Just like the French did, and you saw how well that worked.

How about we take alllll the guns in the planet and burn them?  That way, next time, they'll just make bombs with Styrofoam and gasoline.

For more reading, I recommend Larry on Gun Control, or Larry on Guns and Vultures.

If I've missed any links, please let me know.

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