Sunday, June 12, 2016

TONIGHT on The Catholic Geek: Ayn Rand and Marvel films

The Catholic Geek: Ayn Rand and Marvel films 06/12 by We Built That Network | Politics Conservative Podcasts:

Author Marina Fontaine returns to explain Objectivism to host Declan Finn, and how it has merged with the biggest movie franchise in Hollywood -- hopefully, she will explain it using very small words, so Declan can follow along.

Marina Fontaine is a Russian by birth, an American by choice, and an unrepentant book addict. Because of her background, Marina has always appreciated an opportunity to discover, share and support pro-freedom literature. She runs Small Government Book Fan Club on Goodreads, Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance group on Facebook, and a personal commentary/review blog, Marina's Musings. In addition, she is a part of the Creators' Team at Liberty Island website, where she contributes book reviews and occasional creative work. In December 2013, she entered a Liberty Island flash fiction contest with a story that became an inspiration for Chasing Freedom, her first novel. Marina lives in New Jersey with her very supportive husband, three children and four guinea pigs, working as an accountant by day and a writer by night. Her other interests include hard rock music, action movies and travel.

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