Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Flight of Dragon Awards

I finally went there. You know I had to.

Deadline to nominate in the Dragon awards is on July 25.

To nominate me, you click.... the exact same place.

Ahem. Anyway....

Larry Correia has finally had more than enough of the mother-loving SJW / 770 crowd screwing around with his mother-loving DragonCon.

According to Larry
This weekend I was at LibertyCon, and I ran into one of the organizers of the Dragon Awards. He said that he was kind of surprised that he hadn’t seen me talk about them online much. I told him that was because of Sad Puppies, I’m a controversial figure, there are just too many bitter harpies and poo flingers from fandom’s inbred pustulent under-choad who automatically flip out about anything I do, so I didn’t want to rock the boat for them.

But his response? Screw that. This award is for ALL FANS. And you have fans. So GO BUG THEM! We want so many people voting in this thing that no little clique or faction can sway it. The more fans involved, the better.

(an attitude that demonstrates why DragonCon is awesome)

There is no *gasp that outsider author dared to talk to his enthusiastic fans rather than suck up to our cliques discreetly* nonsense. Come to the Dragon Award and fly your wrongfan flag proud.
My first thought is "Good for you, Larry! Screw those bastards!"

My second thought, "Oh darn, he's in fantasy. I'm in fantasy. He's unleashed the hordes of his fans. I am so, so screwed."

Though, technically, Honor At Stake can be in other places.
Best Science Fiction Novel (yes, really. There is science in there. It goes metaphysical, not physical, but it's there.)
Best Fantasy / Paranormal Novel (Obviously. Because Vampires)
Best Young Adult/Middle Grade Novel (I originally meant it for a YA audience. Shows what I know, eh?)
Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel (Maybe .... I do have a paramilitary strike force in the Vatican ninja, and an engagement of forces at the end, but this is a stretch.)
Best Horror Novel -- I've actually gotten one vote in that category already.
Yeah. I'm going to guess that Best Horror is going to be my bet. But I'm not laying any money on it one way or the other.

Hell, for all I know, DragonCon is going to have a moment of "This Finn joker is in five categories. We should probably let him be nominated in something."

Yeah, no idea. I'm just spitballing here.

Things are going to get strange. Well, stranger.

Speaking of stranger, tune in tomorrow.


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