Thursday, July 14, 2016

Review: Tom Stranger: Interdimensional Insurance Agent

It occurred to me that I could do a post that I didn't need to put that much brain power into. A LibertyCon AAR would require more brain power and recall than I have right now.

So, let me go into Larry Correia's audio book, The Adventures of Tom Stranger: Interdimensional Insurance Agent, narrated by Adam Baldwin.

Yes. Really. I'm not making this one up.

Have you ever seen a planet invaded by rampaging space mutants from another dimension or Nazi dinosaurs from the future?

Don't let this happen to you!

Rifts happen, so you should be ready when universes collide. A policy with Stranger & Stranger can cover all of your interdimensional insurance needs. Rated "Number One in Customer Satisfaction" for three years running, no claim is too big or too weird for Tom Stranger to handle.

But now Tom faces his greatest challenge yet. Despite being assigned the wrong - and woefully inadequate - intern, Tom must still provide quality customer service to multiple alternate Earths, all while battling tentacle monsters, legions of the damned, an evil call center in Nebraska, and his archnemesis, Jeff Conundrum. Armed with his Combat Wombat and a sense of fair play, can Tom survive? And will Jimmy the Intern ever discover his inner insurance agent?

It's time to kick ass and adjust claims.

Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Chuck) performs Larry Correia's madcap interdimensional tale of underwriting and space travel, where the only thing scarier than tentacle monsters is a high deductible.
My first response? "Oh good God, what the sweet hell is this?"

But it's by Larry, and it was free, and I am both a fan of Correia's as well as a cheap bastard (I am partially Scottish), so why not?

I will say this: I didn't crash the car.

Chapter 1: Tom's 9am meeting, takes place in a dimension in which the star of the five-season libertarian space cowboy show (and three blockbuster movies) has become president ... yes, Adam Baldwin.  His secretary of defense is  R. Lee Ermey. They are being invaded by the attack of the flying purple people eaters on meth, steroids and rocket fuel.

Adam Baldwin does a great Ermey impersonation.

Chapter 2: The Mediation.

The mediator is Chuck Norris. The awesome is hilarious, as is Baldwin's impersonation thereof. Just bask in the awesome.

Chapter 3: Hell Comes to Nebraska.

Best bit of the book. Not only because it blows up a science fiction convention, but because it stars Larry Correia in multiple formats, and Wendell the Manatee as CFO of CorreiaTech, creator of the Combat Wombat. There are also legions of Hell invading Nebraska, and then there's the Balrog.

Chapter 4: The book gets a plot!

Just when you thought that this was just a string of vignettes from a day in the life of Tom Stranger, surprise, we have a plot. And we make fun of Kung Fu Panda.

I won't continue with the chapter breakdown, because I can give spoilers at that point, but the short version is that this is off the walls insane and hilarious. Granted, a lot of the humor is of the WTF variety, and it makes Set to Kill look staid, but it was hilarious.

However, if you dislike having your sacred cows made into hamburger, you might have some problems. Here, Larry takes shots at Obama (did I mention that Adam Baldwin does a terrifyingly good Obama?), Joe Biden (alcoholic clown, heh), Kung Fu Panda, call centers, squishy degrees, and even nerds to some degree, because Larry's been to conventions.

But, yeah, this was a wonderful ball of strange from the get go ... no pun intended.  Much.

Anyway, while you're here, you might want to check out my own novel, Honor at Stake. You might like it.


  1. Excellent review, and I fully agree with your comments. This too short audio book made me REALLY and Literally Laugh Out Loud repeatedly. Baldwin and Correa are a fantastic combination.


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