Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Flight of Dragon Award Reactions

To start with, the comments section of File 770 is, of course, not having a good day.

For example?

August 11, 2016 at 2:44
Now I want to register for the Dragon Award just to vote for Scalzi, since his book is one of the few worthwhile things nominated."
Yeah, I looked at the SF and MilSF Finalists, and thought, “Really? This is the best you could come up with?”
Yeah, nice idea Puppy Kickers .... except....Scalzi on his Dragon Award nomination:
"John Scalzi Verified account
@mrsftv It's lovely to be nominated. And yes, I'll ask to be withdrawn."
Yeah, so, that's not going to end well.

Speaking of "Doesn't end well..."
I’ve just read Declan Finn’s post.
Sad, desperate, and embarrassing seems to sum up much of Finn’s public persona."
Heh. Sure. Right. I'm embarrassing, yet their guy wouldn't be caught dead in a stand-up fight.

And embarrassing? I think my entire reaction was "Oh well, Brian Niemeier is gonna win, but, Hell, I'm nominated! YAY!!!!" What exactly is so embarrassing here?

I think I just rolled my eyes so hard, I hurt my eyes. Business as usual. Whatever news that fits the tint.

In other news, Vox Day had intricate, thoughtful breakdowns on why he voted for what he voted for.

Then he got to horror, and said he was voting for Brian Niemeier. All he wrote was: "Sorry Declan, you are screwed."

I'm sorry, it's the fourth time I've read that line, and the bluntness still strikes me funny.

Meanwhile, in another part of the internet, my acquaintance Russell Newquist can't decide between me or Brian.  He's come up with a solution....

Click link for details.

There will be character on monster violence. Let the fun begin!


  1. Grats on the nom! I also laughed about Vox's 'you're screwed.' It sounds cheerfully unapologetic. Still, NOMINATION. So who knows?

    1. I second everything you said except "unapologetic". The SDL did in fact preface his verdict with an apology. Sure, it was facetious, but he doesn't even hand out mock apologies that often.

      Congratulations, Declan! I think he likes you ;)

    2. Yes, he might. That should be interesting. :D

  2. "Now I want to register for the Dragon Award just to vote for Scalzi, since his book is one of the few worthwhile things nominated."

    Here's a novel concept: how about registering to NOMINATE your hive-approved pink message fic and sparing us all your impotent whining?

    Or don't. It's not like the CHORFs can salvage their relevance from the smoking, glass-lined crater left by SP/RP and Dragon Con's one-two nuke combo.

  3. How long do you think it will taken for the incestuous, industry-captured WorldCon crowd to realize that they aren't the entirety of SFF readers and that the 99% might deign to like other books?

    Anyway, once again, congrats to Declan and Brian for the nominations. They are well earned, and I hope they lead to more sales.

    1. WorldCon will wake up when everyone who voted this year and next year all disappear next year.

  4. Just keep expanding my "to read" list. Declan, Brian, and Vox. The rest of the so called "Entertainment Industry" thinks like an 'UNSUB' on Criminal Minds.

  5. Seems like SocJus doesn't approve of this. I foresee attacks on the Dragon Awards as all kinds of -ist for daring to allow non-SJWs to get some recognition.

  6. Didn't they WANT us to have our own award? #Confused

  7. You're a Dragon Awards nominated author!! Woohoo! :-P Congratulations, mate.

  8. Congrats on the nom. I've got your book on my Kindle but haven't read it yet. (I voted for Alice because that was actually a really cool/creepy book. Sadly, the sequel was disappointing.)

    I agree with Masha that it's weird they're getting upset when they basically already said, "Why don't you go off and make your own award." Further proof you just can't win with SJWs, even when you do what they say they want you to. (Which means the only rational reaction to them is to *not* try to placate them.)


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