Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Review of Honor At Stake

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So, I have a new review, over at a new blog, called the Library of the Gryphon King.  For the record, I have no idea who this fellow is, but I know he has spectacular taste in novels. :)

You can check out his entire review right here, but for right now, I'll give you the excerpt version.
Yes, you will wink and smirk at the reference to sparkling vampires, and you will begin this book assuming you know the story, but you won't know the half of it.  What you will find is one of the best additions to the vampire mythos in recent times....

Along with a story that will give you action, romance, and suspense, as much as any summer popcorn blockbuster is able to, you will find characters you care about.  They are not one dimensional, because they are not what you expect.  They are complicated, they are not perfect, and in short, they are human.  Without possibly intending to ask the big question of what it is to be human, we get a roadmap to possibly what will make us realize our fullest potential as a human.

I can't recommend this as a teen read, though I will be reading it to my teens and censoring the few comments or scenes where characters passions are made known to the reader.  Nothing immoral mind you, just thoughts and situations that you might want to read before letting your children take part.  Having said that, I will recommend this for those who like Dean Koontz, or Biersach, or if you like secular horror thrillers (vampire and zombie hunting stories and the like).  You will want more, and I think Finn sets us up for more.  It's imaginative, and plays to an audience that is ripe for a work like this.  I can picture teens who love the glut of vampire or "fallen" romances out there liking this, and finding some seeds planted that may take later for them.  At least they'll find themselves asking bigger questions as they read it.

But as a summer read, or even better, fall read you will find it very satisfying.  I always say about the popcorn blockbuster that there has to be payoff.  If it is a modern trope that goes no where it leaves you feeling empty as if you wasted the time spent with it.  If the good guys win, heroes are made or born, and the morality of the universe is kept right side up, then it's worthy of your time, and Honor at Stake is surely worthy of your time.
Well .... dang. I think he liked it.

So, um ... I guess you should buy Honor at Stake.

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