Monday, August 1, 2016

On IRA Music and Free Books

While I await Castalia House's reply to my submissions, I've got some time to kill.

So, did I ever mention that my master's thesis was on "the songs of the IRA"?

Okay, that's inaccurate. I did a thesis called For All Their Wars are Merry: An Examination of Irish Rebel Songs. Yes, long title. Because I'm really overly precise in my nonfiction.

Anyway, it's been suggested that I go into nonfiction. And my thesis just happens to be about 50,000 words long.

And it's been edited to within an inch of it's life already. So, hey, guess what's one of the next items on the list of things to publish?

Also, I've had to make changes, if only because some research has overtaken my original study. Then again, I originally claimed that "Songs of the PLO" weren't a thing you got on CD. I've been told otherwise, but it's not like you can go on Amazon and purchase a copy. Trust me, I know, I tried.

Also, I'm trying to figure out what the heck Amazon is thinking in suggesting that this particular work should be $3.99. If they want to suggest a higher price like that, I'm not exactly going to argue with them.

Songs include things like, well, this.

Yes, this is one that comes with a play list.

Anyway, while I think about it, Pius Tales is going to be free this month. Today, for one, and August 8-10 next week.

Why today as well? Because I had an extra day lying around, thanks Amazon.

If you don't recall what Pius Tales is ... it's the complete anthology that compiles every short story connected to The Pius Trilogy.

If you haven't read the Pius books yet, I actually recommend starting with Pius Tales. It's actually a good deal -- it collects Pius Holidays, and Pius Origins, and throws in some essays, too.

There is, of course, some overlap between these projects. Why? Um.... duh? Because my Pius books are nothing but history.

Sigh. Nuts. That means I'm going to have to do "Pius History," the papers I originally used for the creation of TPT.  One on Pius XII, one on the Sudan, and one on JPII versus the Soviet Union.

Oh yay. More work.

That's alright, I'm just going to have to make more work for Dawn doing the covers. Heh.

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  1. Fun stuff. My tastes run a bit more instrumental. Like Bothy Band. Of course, they did Fionnghoula.


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