Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pius History, And #SadPuppies Bite Back

So, of course, now that I've got people suggesting that I publish nonfiction, I'm working on two books...

To be released in the next two - four weeks ...

Did I ever mention that I get bored easily, and I feel the need to publish at least one thing every 12 months?

Preferably every six months, because after month that, I feel like a knot is slowly tightening in my guts. It's that spot right above and behind my belly button, below the diaphragm, and if feels like someone is trying to constantly and consistently push it's way out of my guts.

Yeah. I feel sick if I don't publish in a timely fashion. You don't even want to know what my stomach feels like right now.

But you can imagine what it's been like since that I haven't published anything since Honor At Stake in September last year.

Technically, I republished Honor At Stake in June. But I haven't published anything new in nearly a year.

Of course, we're going to start with Pius History.  What will they be? Tied into the Pius Trilogy, really. They'll be the histories and footnotes in the books. Ever wondered what's real and what I made up? You're about to find out.
Ever wonder about what was fact or fiction in your favorite thriller? How much was made up or how much was just to push the story along?

Well, wonder no longer as Declan Finn pulls back the curtain on his epic trilogy to show you his meticulous, painstaking research. Did his fictional pope grow up in a world as rough as described? Are the bad guys really that motivated to end the church? Are some of the weapons real? Did Pius XII really take a side for or against the Nazis? This book has the answers you're looking for.
Now, after that will be For All Their Wars Are Merry, a historical look and review of Irish Rebel Songs. Not IRA songs per se, because saying that every Irish rebel is part of the IRA is like saying that ISIS, the PLO and al-Qaeda are all the same organization.

Again, Amazon wants me to post this at $3.99. I'm not going to object, certainly. They're the experts.

Pius Histories will be out on this Sunday, August 7th. Give or take a few hours, depending on how fast Kindle and Createspace will go. It may be a Kindle-only, I'm not entirely certain it's long enough for a paperback.

On August 21st, I'll release For All Their Wars Are Merry.

Here's where it gets tricky. If Castalia House rejects me by then -- if, I say -- then here's where things are going to get ugly. No, not for Castalia House, but for me.

Why? Because I'm thinking of publishing something .... a little sad.

That's right, not tearful. Sad. I'm done playing around.

That's right. I'm quite done thinking "oh, but what if they sue?" First of all, parody is covered under the first amendment. Second, if these schmucks sue me just for the pleasure of suing me, I'll CC all communication to whatever media outlets I can get my hands on.

Also please consider that Vox had a book titled "John Scalzi is a Rapist," and the most Scalzi did was whine to have Amazon take it down. The book was up with a different title the next day.

So, yes, if Castalia House rejects everything, I'm going to publish this and Set to Kill as almost a set. Definitely back to back.

Why wait? you ask. Because if Castalia wants Set to Kill, they might have a use for Sad Puppies Bite Back. If they can't see any use in Kill, they probably won't see a use in SPBB.

And what to do about Honor at Stake and Murphy's Law of Vampires if they are rejected? I've been talking with Matt Bowman over at Catholic Geeks.  If Castalia doesn't like Love at First Bite, then they'll be going to The Catholic Geeks Library.
Catholic Geek Library large

Yup. I'm told it would be a shoe-in. Probably, so would the others in the series. Hilarity ensues.

Depending on if and / or when Castalia rejects me, Set to Kill will probably be out .... maybe even before World Con.

But if Castalia House accepts me ... again, I'd probably die from shock.

Anyway, do me a favor and check out Honor at Stake. You might like it.

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