Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Shadows Have Come for the #SadPuppies

So, yeah, Pius History will come out this weekend. It's basically a collection of research essays I did that heavily inspired the creation of The Pius Trilogy, from the basic plot, to the creation of individual characters, the bad guys, and even the weapons.

However, that takes time. There's a final edit going on, there's a final cover design going in, and Createspace can take up to two freaking days to get anything done.

And thus, while I'm waiting for Createspace and Kindle to publish Pius History in time for this Sunday to kick in, I've decided to so something strange, and go into politics again for a moment.

Yes, I know that I generally avoid politics like the plague on my blog, but in this case, it's difference. Because this time, it's personal. Why? Well, as I often tell people, come after me all you like, but touch my friends and I freaking end you. And your family. And anyone who ever owed you money.

On that note...

Everyone should remember Brian Niemeier. He's the one who put me onto being in the Sad Puppies Best novel list, he's been on the show, he's had me on Geek Gab. Search for his name on my blog, you'll see him around quite a bit in 2016.

Last week, Brian Niemeier was Shadowbanned by Twitter.  And if you don't believe me, Breitbart even commented on it.

What's Shadowbanning? It's where Twitter basically blocks your Twitter feed from getting to your followers. For the followers to even find REPLIES to tweets, the have to go directly to the profile and scroll down the feed.

This, of course, comes after Twitter has suspended Milo Yiannopoulos, whose only crimes seems to be that he is a British, gay conservative Trump supporter who really hated the new Ghostbusters film.

If you're wondering at any time while Twitter heavy hitters like Larry Correia or Daddy Warpig have given up Twitter for the wilds of Facebook, now you know why.

And you have to wonder, why has Niemeier been Shadowbanned? Can't ask Twitter, they won't tell you.

However, may I draw your attention to the off-side ring, in a nice, quite, out of the way spot called the New York Post, wherein they report that the head of Twitter communications has quit only after just six months.

This news story came out on August second.

The Breitbart story on Niemeier came out on August second.

Odd timing, don't you think?

Funny enough, the head of communications has had NO comment on what's going on, why she left, or, well, anything really.

And, Niemeier was Shadowbanned over the weekend, you have to figure that part of the conversation went "Why was Niemeier Shadowbanned?"

At which point, the head of Twitter said, "What do you want?"


"You won't get it."

"Then I quit."


Yeah, sorry, I was going to start with Babylon 5 and the Shadows motif, and it drifted into The Prisoner. Sorry.

But, yes, it seems that Twitter wants to come hunting for Puppies.

Niemeier himself doesn't object. Sales for his books, Nethereal and Souldancer, have shot up.

So, please, by all means, Twitter, Shadowban all the puppies. My bank account will appreciate it.

And I finally get to break this one out again.

And, while I await Twitter coming after me, here, might as well read one of my books.

Anyway, while you're waiting for that, consider Honor at Stake. You might like it.

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