Monday, September 5, 2016

Dragon Con Report 2016: The Dragon Awards

Yes, this is the video of the first annual Dragon Awards. Want to see who won? Watch the video... or go to the Catholic Geeks.

Let the games begin.

And now we see everyone's heads explode as everyone who should have already gotten awards at a certain other place finally get their due...well, in things other than cold hard cash.

The TLDR version? No, I didn't get the award, Brian did. Though I have his award in my possession and will be holding it hostage for....

One MILLION dollars....

If you don't get the joke.... nevermind.

My last word on the subject? NEXT TIME GADGET, NEXT TIIIIIMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!

Heh. yes, I'm strange.

 Moving right along.

Also, John C. Wright won for best sci-fi and fantasy, and Nick Cole for Ctrl+Atl+Revolt and Apocalyptic.

Why do I remember these three? Because these are the awards I was asked to pick up. Okay, I got Nick's message only after the awards were over, but here they are.

Other award winners included David Weber for best military sci-fi... shocking, I know, right? Surprisingly enough, though, Terry Pratchett won for best YA, and Naomi Novak won for best alternate history. I guess it was the last chance for both of them -- Pratchett because he's dead, and Novak because her dragon series has just ended. I guess I'll count them both as a lifetime achievement award and an award for a series.

So, some things of note here, while I think of them.

This was mercifully short. It topped out at just UNDER a half hour. I'm surprised they didn't go out of their way to extend it. Most of the things on the schedule are at least an hour, as.nd we all know how award ceremonies go over. Way, way over.

Also, I'm told that the people in comments over at File 770 really don't like the Dragon awards right now. Considering puppy kickers like them told the Puppies to "go make your own awards," and when the few puppies who were nominated here wins here, they go insane. So, the short version is simple: they didn't actually want the Puppies to make their own award. They just never want any puppy, or puppy backed product, to win anything, anywhere, ever. Thanks for the clarification, guys. Stay classy. And by classy, I mean insane.

And now, I suppose I should note it for the last time (okay, maybe not the last time) that you can get my Sad Puppy and Dragon Award Nominated Novel Honor at Stake by clicking this link. Heh.

And ... enjoy.


  1. I understood that reference!

    Seriously, Declan, man, give me some proof that the award's OK. Some piece of information only it could have told you.

    I know...what is the award's favorite color?

    1. The crystal clear sheer of a single tear running down an SJW's face.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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