Saturday, September 24, 2016

DragonCon Photo Layout 2016

I'm going to be a little lazy today.

Pictures from DragonCon.

To start with, the Cosplay Deviants.


Poison Ivy from Previous years
Lara Croft

Starfire, I think.
And no, the professionals aren't the only ones who came dressed sexy.

With Peter David
Miss Marvel
The real one

 Jessica Rabbit, Harley Quinn, and ... I think Kitana

Black Cat

Mord-Sith, from Terry Goodkind

 Yes, I think this is the same Poison Ivy from two different days. Huh.

Taste the Rainbow.

The artist bandolero, the Dragon Award, and a piece of art.

The Hyatt.

Looking up at the Marriott
Looking down from the Marriott

Agents of SHIELD

And now the Flight of Dragon Awards.

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