Thursday, September 29, 2016

Kindle Bites Sad Puppies Back

Yes, that was the most awkward title I've ever constructed. I think I went a bridge too far, then blew it up.

Anyway, Sad Puppies Bite Back released this week. The sales are a pleasant surprise.

However, something happened this time that is new in my experience: Kindle didn't like me.

If you've already purchased it, then you might have seen some bits and pieces and problems crop up. There are duplicated words, even duplicated paragraphs, artifacts within the text, including random formatting issues. Most of these problems came from nowhere. I hadn't seen them in the publisher preview, nor were they in the document I used.

It's bizarre.

Now, I've heard multiple suggestions on what might have happened, from hackers to puppy kickers, to "Kindle does that." I suppose that after a dozen Kindle books released, having ONE that goes screwy isn't that bad.

Anyway, whatever the reason, I scrubbed the document, cleared the formatting and reset it, replaced all of the spaces (yes, the spaces, don't ask), and I did everything but change the punctuation. I have one person who will not like how the apostrophes look. But I'm not changing them this week.

By the way, if you're worried about the Kindle edition, I'm double checking the print copy, making certain that's clear, and move along.

Now, I've gotten one or two complaints about SPBB.  Why? Well, I had someone tell me that it made Vox look like a Sad Puppy, not a Rabid Puppy.  Which is odd, considering he's unleashing an elder god on WorldCon, and the Sad crowd drive it off, to the cry of "Next time, Sad Puppies! Next tttttiiiiiiiiimmmmeeee!!!!!!" Honestly, I gave him lines from Doctor Klaw. Do I have to make him Satan?

No matter. I suspect there are people on the Puppy Kicker side who would think that Vox as Satan is actually too NICE.

Also this week was a pleasant surprise. Peter Grant, who I SWATted, advertised SPBB on his blog.

I did not see that coming. At all.

Keep in mind, I've never met Mister Grant. I saw him once at a panel at LibertyCon ... a panel that had really comfy chairs, and I fell asleep.

So, this has been a strange week.

But, SPBB is up, it's live, and the Kindle should be cleared up and ready to read. The paperback edition is being processed to make certain that it is as perfect as I can make it. And all is right in the world. For now.

And in other news? Surprisingly enough, no one has complained about SPBB. So, win.

So, apologies to those people who got SPBB and had problems with it. They should be fixed. And if you haven't bought it yet, it should be good to go already. Enjoy.


  1. What word processing program do you use? If you were having problems this time, you might want to go back and check the other stuff. There really are some hidden things in processors like MS-Word, that the kindle hates. (as I mentioned yesterday on FB).

  2. Really glad to hear SPBB is doing well, man!

  3. As long as you didn't piss Kratman off, you should be OK. :D

    1. Good lord, I hope not.

      Then again, he hadn't killed me the first time.


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