Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#SadPuppies Bite Back and Pricing

Yes, I know I announced this in the past blog, but I spent half that blog justifying that I was going to publish it at all. So, I figure my duty now is to,

1) explain what the Hell Sad Puppies Bite Back is, for those of you who don't know, and

2) probably explain the pricing.

Sad Puppies Bite Back was one of my fever dream moments, only this one was successful. It was one of those ideas where I didn't know exactly where the ideas came from, or what the hell I was thinking, or even why it happened in in the first place? It's sort of like how I wrote It Was Only on Stun! (if that doesn't explain the book, nothing does).

Anyway, I had been looking at the Sad Puppies, and how they all decided to make fun of how evil they had been portrayed. You know, they're all evil racists and sexists, even though two are Portuguese, three are women, one's married to an Afro-American woman ... you know, what evil racist sexists do. That's why, if you look down the Sad Puppy backers, you have "Sarah Hoyt, Evil Yet Beautiful Space Princess" (Yes, as a proper name), Larry Correia has adopted the moniker as the International Lord of Hate. Etc.

So, adopting names for themselves made fun of themselves, as well as the ones who have deemed them evil.

To be honest, I have no idea how many were self-named, and how many just sort of ... happened (or how many originated with John C. Wright having fun with it all). For some reason, ever since I heard about the death threats on the Puppies, I wondered when Larry Correia or Brad would be SWATted.

All I could think of was, well, what would happen?

For those people who are not familiar with the concept of SWATting, it's the practice where someone calls 911, insisting that the target has a gun, is violent and actively threatening to shoot people, in the hopes that the SWAT team knocks down someone's door and possibly gets them killed. Fun, huh? This has been a tactic that's come up in the last year. I was going to call this SWATing Sad Puppies originally, but I can't see that title going over well.

This thing became so popular, I needed to put together its own tab on the blog. Seriously, look at the top of the page. Literally, this was something that started out as a throwaway blog, and became OVER FIFTEEN PARTS LONG.

Yes. Insane.

[For those people who have no idea what Sad Puppies is, there are two versions.  One is on the blog here, filled with snark and sarcasm, etc.  If you want something more balanced and sane, click here.]

It started out as a bit of insanity that just spiraled. Sort of like how the rest of my writing career started.

If you want samples, links to the samples are in the Sad Puppies tab above. Yes, for those of you who wanted this published, you have your wish, but I'm also not going to leave free samples.

For those of you who are wondering, YES, THERE IS NEW CONTENT. THERE IS AT LEAST ONE NEW SWATTING. I say at least because I honestly don't remember right now... it's late and I'm tired. There's also a reorder for chronology, edits for continuity and new events, introductions to establish context. There is also a SWATting of Brian Niemeier, as well as an epilogue for the David Truesdale incident.

Anyway, Sad Puppies Bite Back is available on Amazon as a paperback and as a Kindle copy. Enjoy.

Now, it's also short-ish, and costs $4.99 as a Kindle, and $9.99 as a paperback. It's expensive for a Kindle, and Cheap for a paperback.

The Kindle price is ... not my idea. It was suggested by Kindle Direct Publishing. I have no idea why. They suggested my thrillers be $2.99, but a parody satire should be $4.99. I have no flipping idea why. I will not complain -- for the moment -- because it gets me $3.46 a copy. I usually get $2 for Kindle. At best.

On the other hand, the $9.99 price on the trade paperback is cheap because: 1) it has fewer pages, 2) this price point gets me ... $3.34 from Amazon.com. Which is less than what I usually make per paperback novel, but I wouldn't make it $15, and making it $11 and change just so I make an extra buck would be awkward. Not to mention stupid.

So, if you wonder what the heck I'm doing? I'm following advice from Amazon about how to price Amazon books. Otherwise, I'm just winging it. Which is standard operating procedure around her.

Anyway, enjoy the book. 

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