Thursday, October 20, 2016

Game Called on Account of update

I am really tired.

Everyone is tired of politics, obviously. I want to get rid of all politicians. Round them up and throw them in a dark pit for a while until they lean some manners.

Me? I'm tired of a lot of things. I'm tired of endless promotions. I'm tired of playing three card monte with books.

I've got a five book project under discussion with one publisher.

I've got a four book project, being reviewed with a second publisher.

I've got a random book that's being reviewed by one publisher, possibly to be reviewed by another.

And I have a 13 book space opera that I need to hit with a hammer hard enough that Baen books will read it, approve it, and hopefully give me tons of money.

And did I mention that I've recorded Sad Puppies Bite Back for an audio book, and that it's currently being edited with someone with OCD tendencies and who likes the sound of my voice more than I do? (Okay, that's everybody, so not difficult).

Oh, yes, and for the five people who have read and want a sequel to Codename: Winterborn, you're going to get it. It should be out at the end of the month. Yes. Really.

Those last two? Those should both be out by the end of the month.

I've been busy.

Oh, yeah, and my joints are apparently still pissed at me for DragonCon. My back hurts like a bastard if I move the wrong way. And now my hips hurt like a bastard when I sleep the wrong way ... or the right way ... or trying to sleep in any position at all. So I'm tired that way.

So, pardon me if tonight isn't a full update. Good night.

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