Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Iron Fist (Trailer) Has Arrived

Yes, the new trailer for the latest Marvel NetFlix show has arrived, and it's for Marvel's Iron Fist.

If you don't recall him from my Hollywood is Racist article, Iron Fist is the superhero identity of Danny Rand.  Danny is one part Batman, one part Daredevil, and all badass.

Now, like Bruce Wayne, he is a billionaire orphaned at an early age. His parents had been friendly with a secret Shangri La realm. During a family trip there, Rand's parents were killed, leaving young Danny to live among mystical monks and magical martial artists. He is trained in mystical martial arts, and eventually returns home to the US...

Only now, Danny Rand wields the power of The Iron Fist, the ability to focus his chi so that he can make any part of his body as solid as iron.

And of course, Rand even having this ability paints a target on his back for the mystical magical tour of killer ninjas, et al.

Thus, expect the Hand to make an appearance.

In the comics, Danny Rand would team up with Luke Cage as "Heroes for Hire," a super powered PMC before there were PMCs. It was a merging of Hong Kong action films and Blaxploitation movies; usually paired as double features.

So if you thought the stunt work and fight choreography of Daredevil was impressive, I suspect that this will blow that away.

If you pay close attention to the trailer, you can see Daredevil's Madam Gao. Perhaps we'll get some back story on her, too.

As mentioned, I expect the Hand to arrive ... if only because I can't really tell you any other of Iron Fist's rogues gallery Just saying "Martial artist bad guys in the Marvel universe," leads me to think either Silver Samurai, or The Hand.

Of course, this leads us to The Defenders, which is supposed to take place after Iron Fist in the Marvel NetFlix arc. That should be interesting.

And, if you're really interested in Martial Arts, while you're waiting for Iron Fist, you might want to check out my Sad Puppy and Dragon Award Nominated Novel Honor at Stake by clicking this link.

And ... enjoy.


  1. Junzo Mito (a link with The Hand), Steel Serpent, Master Kahn and Scimitar, and Harold Meachum are his biggest antagonists on a personal level. The last one is confirmed to be in the show already, but I could easily see any of the others showing up.

    Then again, Bullseye still hasn't showed up in Daredevil yet, so maybe we won't see any of them yet.

    Something has gotta be saved for the eventual "Heroes For Hire" show, right?

    1. If Walton Goggins is ever signed to play Bullseye that will make my year.

    2. I don't know about Goggins, but they were talking to Jason Statham


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