Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day: Who Would Daredevil Vote For?

Between Captain AmericaGreen Arrow / Green LanternSpider-Man (Peter Parker), and Batman (Bruce Wayne), and Iron Man it's already been a busy day.

But for those of you just showing up, we're doing an expanded version of the 2012 post where I broke down comic book characters by politics. Because the 2016 election has been a joke since the nomination process.

This will be an all day thing. One post per character ... mostly. The shorter ones will be grouped together. After all, there's no much I can do with Deadpool.

Daredevil, aka Matthew Murdock

A New York trial lawyer, Daredevil is a natural Hillary voter. The ABA backs democrats automatically.

Mathew Murdock is also all about community. I could see him as a supporter of Occupy Wall Street ... assuming that his super sense of smell didn't cripple him every time he found a client who never showered.

Murdock would probably not like Trump, just on attitude alone. He deals with too many loud annoying types as a lawyer.

And he's a bit of a man-whore in the Marvel Universe. He'd be interested in contraceptives, if only to keep potential child support payments to a minimum. He and Bill Clinton would be interesting in the same room.

On the other hand, Matt Murdock has always been Catholic.  He's very Catholic ... his mother left his father and became a nun. The democrats trying to make the Little Sisters of the Poor pay for abortions and contraceptives would seriously piss him off.

Also, Matt Murdock has probably spent far too much time around really stupid political leftists in New York and San Francisco. Half his clients seem to be small businessmen, and he's also a small businessman. He wants lower taxes, if only so his clients can actually have money to pay him.



Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin (Marvel)

By day, he is a businessman.  He is more local in his business interests and his crime. And, in his personal life, he left the crime world and moved to Japan, mostly for his family.  He actually stayed out of the crime business for his wife. Only when his family was threatened, and his wife lost to him, that he reentered the world of crime. Add to that he spent a lot of time in Japan learning philosophy, martial arts, etc.

While you can say many things about the Japanese, their traditional culture is very, very conservative.  And, between that and his [relatively] small business interests, Fisk probably comes out as both an economic, if not a social conservative.

VOTE GOES TO: Trump. Assuming he doesn't have something on Hillary. He'll probably has blackmail on somebody. Whoever he can manipulate more.

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