Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day Special: Who would Green Arrow Vote for?

As I said in the last post on Captain America, as in 2012, am going to break down comic book characters by  politics and concluded who they were voted for.

And 2016 is going to get it, too.

In the spirit of going completely and utterly over the top, I will take it one step further. However, I'm going to tell you right now that this is a joke from minute one to minute last.

But then, the 2016 election has been a joke since day one.

One of the differences between this and 2012 will be that this will be an all day thing. One post per character ... mostly. The shorter ones will be grouped together. After all, there's no much I can do with some people.

Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow (DC Universe). 

Why, yes.
I do think I'm Robin Hood
For those of you who don't know Green Arrow from the comic books (not the tv show Arrow).... he's sort of like the anti-Batman. Or, as Novel Ninja Matthew Bowman put it, the comic book Green Arrow was like Batman if he had been bitten by a radioactive Robin Hood.

While also from a rich, industrial family, Oliver Queen is Left-Wing. I don't mean Democrat, I mean Left-wing, pseudo-socialist.  Half his conversations with the Justice League involve him screaming "You're all a bunch of fascists!"

I'm not even certain he knows how serious he is about such things.

In any event, it's kinda clear that he'll vote for the most Left-wing politician there is. The only politician like that who will reliably show up on the national stage, including Queen's fictional Star City, would probably be Barack Obama.

However, since Ollie had been Mayor of Starling City once, he'd probably put himself on the ballot, and promptly vote for himself.

And, since Bernie Sanders had been the nominee, and the Hillary emails indicate not only that she managed to rig the system in her favor, but that she also hates him and his supporters, Oliver Queen would probably scream that she was the corruption inherent in the system.

VOTE GOES TO: Either Hillary, Bernie as a protest vote, himself, or the farthest Left-wing candidate available.

Bonus round: Who would Green Lantern Vote for?

Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern (DC Universe).

This one is a quickie, mostly because this one isn't really even a question, now is it? Hal Jordan is a military pilot who flies fighter planes.

In fact, he flies experimental planes at the company run by his girlfriend's father.

He's going to be voting his paycheck. Duh. It's going to be a vote for Trump. It would mostly be on the issue of, well, his paycheck. Unless he's not even going to be on the planet, in which case he might not even vote.

No, I didn't like the Ryan Reynolds movie either.

VOTE GOES TO: Trump. Or he'll be off trying to keep the planet from being destroyed again.

See the previous post: Captain America

Or, while we're all here.... Murphy's Law of Vampiressequel to the second place Sad Puppies 4 nominee for best novel, and Dragon Award nominated novel Honor at Stake came out yesterday

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