Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day: Who Would Iron Man Vote For?

Ah, it's election time again, and boy, do we have a crop of losers this time.

In 2012, I did a post where I broke down comic book characters by  politics and concluded who they voted for.

I think 2016 needs s similar treatment.

In the spirit of going completely and utterly over the top, I figure I would take it one step further. However, I'm going to tell you right now that this is a joke from minute one to minute last.

But then, the 2016 election has been a joke since day one.

One of the differences between this and 2012 will be that this will be an all day thing. One post per character ... mostly. The shorter ones will be grouped together. After all, there's no much I can do with Deadpool.

Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, (Marvel)

This is a tough one.

Despite the movies, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark mostly resides in New York City, which makes him a definite shoe-in for a Democratic voter, no matter who the candidate is.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of Wall Street tycoons are supporters to the Democratic party -- John Corzine, Robert Rubin (Goldman Sachs), Citibank, and George Soros (Democrat and Obama's biggest supporter), Brookfield Asset Management, Lehman Brothers (who now work for the Obama Administration).

On the other hand, Tony Stark is a pro-weapon kind of fellow -- let's face it, he's gone a few steps beyond the second amendment, and his father made the nuclear bomb -- and let's look at most of Tony Stark's villains. He fights Soviet Russians, Communist-Chinese, as well as other competitors. In the comic books, Stark was pretty much supposed to be pro-American, right-wing, supports America's wars sort of fellow.

And he made a killing on all those predator drones....

But, again, on the other hand, you've had Tony Stark work for SHIELD, do the pro-registration act during the Comic book Civil War, and in the movies, he decided that he was too stupid to manage himself, and therefore had to be managed, preferably by the United Nations. Trump would probably dynamite them.

But on the other hand, Hillary would probably demand he turn over all of his guns, or otherwise only work for the United States, under her personal command.

On the other hand, he probably knows Trump, and that would either piss him off, or they've gone out bar hopping together.

VOTE GOES TO: No one. Stark will spend election day at home, drunk.

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  1. You made my day! I've been looking forward to book 2.

    1. Heh. Enjoy. I look forward to seeing what you think

  2. In fact, Tony was probably in that locker room talk video with Trump sharing his own anecdotes.

  3. I have to disagree on this one-- I think RDJ was right, Tony would vote for Hillary.

    He simply wouldn't think about it long enough for anything else to kick in.

    1. Does Stark even notice ugly women

    2. If he did think about her, he'd vote for anything else-- but she talks about being nice, and lays on the right guilt trips, he'd fall for it.


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