Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day: Who would Luke Cage Vote For?

Between Captain AmericaGreen Arrow / Green LanternSpider-Man (Peter Parker), and Batman (Bruce Wayne), and ... everyone else, it's already been a busy day.

But for those of you just showing up, we're doing an expanded version of the 2012 post where I broke down comic book characters by politics. Because the 2016 election has been a joke since the nomination process.

This will be an all day thing. One post per character ... mostly. The shorter ones will be grouped together. After all, there's no much I can do with Deadpool.

Luke Cage: AKA Power Man (Marvel)

Luke Cage is an old school New Yorker. He's been married (both on NetFlix, and in the comics). When he knocked up Jessica Jones in the comics, he stayed with her, even though they were just bang buddies. In the NetFlix show, Cage emphasized the importance of family integrity, and the value of a man going to work, putting on a uniform, and putting in a full day's work.

I think he just made his pitch for a family values candidate.

Pity we don't have one.

He wouldn't be a a fan of Hillary, since he would at her stand on abortion, and how happy she is with the destruction the the family, how she hates organized religion, and think she's insane.

However, there isn't a lot of reason for him to vote for Trump, either...

Except for form NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Yes, if you read the New Avengers, you will recall that Luke Cage talked about how Rudy cleaned up New York City, and the various and sundry tactics he used to clean up high crime neighborhoods.

And Trump has threatened to put Rudy into his cabinet.

Verdict: If Cage believed it, yes, he'd vote Trump. Otherwise, he'd probably vote Johnson.

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