Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Thank You Letter to John C and Jagi Lamplighter Wright

I have to thank the Wrights, both John and Jagi, for saving my backside yesterday.

During my "Series Starter Kit" $.99 sale for Cyber Monday, I had plans. Plans included multiple websites, posts, social media outlets.

And, quite literally a day or two before (perhaps a few hours before), I asked Jagi if it were possible --just if they had nothing else to post that day--for them to post about Honor at Stake. I went with only Honor at Stake because the last book John posted about (that I saw) was Brian Niemeier's, and I wasn't going to ask for anything less than my own Dragon nominated work.

Jagi said yes.

And almost everything else fell through. Gmail didn't work. Either my emails didn't get out, or they weren't received. Yesterday was the day to take Google out back and put it down like the sickly dog it is.  The only thing that happened was social media and the Wrights.

Between John and Jagi posting on their blogs, I did almost as well as when 5 books were posted up on Instapundit.

How do I know that it was the Wrights that did it, and not the retweeting, posting on Social Media, and everything else I tried?

Because what worked advertised all three books. Honor at Stake outsold the other two. It made up 77% of sales yesterday.

I'm going to take a wild shot in the dark that their efforts had an effect. Possibly the one key element that brought the day together

Anyway, thanks again, to the both of them. They made Cyber Monday interesting.

Back to the salt mines for me. Ciao, all.

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