Saturday, November 19, 2016

Killing Your Darlings

In writer parlance, "Kill your darlings" refers to a writer needing to take an ax to something that the writer really REALLY likes, but doesn't ultimately work in the book itself. It can be anything from a self-indulgence mocking of someone in real life, to "that fight scene was NIFTY"....but why was it there? Did it really serve a purpose? No? So sorry, but your cherised piece of the word count is now DEAD.

In this case, I've just pulled the plug on The Pius Trilogy.

You know how hard that is? Let me tell you, it's not a good feeling inside to just yank everything you've poured excessive amounts of time and energy into. But it's in the certainty that Silver Empire can only improve both the quality of the work, as well as the sales.

I still had the bottom fall out of my stomach. This of course wasn't helped by the fact that I removed SEVEN BOOKS: A Pius Man, A Pius Legacy, A Pius Stand, Pius Origins, Pius Holidays, Pius Tales, and Pius History.

I was actually afraid that I had unpublished one of the other novels as well.

So, yes, the Pius serious is dead.

But, damned if it didn't go out on a high note.

This was my author rank for the last day of The Pius Trilogy.

Welcome to the power of Instapundit.


Anyway, I'll be on the Superversive Roundtable this Saturday, I'll have Jagi Lamplighter on Sunday on my show, and Monday will be the debut of Set To Kill, and Tuesday will be my annual Black Friday list.

The Pius books are gone. Some of them are dead. The rest will be back.

Until then, let's get to work.

Set To Kill is out on Monday. It is awesome. It will be badass. If you liked It Was Only On Stun!, you're going to love this. If you hate Stun!, you're probably going to at least enjoy this one. Why? Because it was freaking awesome.

Preorder Set To Kill now, read it Monday, review it on Tuesday, order it for your nearest and dearest on Wednesday, and avoid the rush of Black Friday. Because it is just that awesome, and if you're a long time reader, yes, this IS the first time I've said that about my book.


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