Sunday, November 13, 2016

Murphy's Law of Vampires: Chapter 1, Physical Therapy

On Friday, I described just how much of an evil, bad ass SOB Mister Day is.

Today, I decided that today's the day to show you his introduction.

As the chapter suggests, Marco needs to get some work done after being beaten up at the end of Honor at Stake.


Marco didn’t think about Amanda. He had to make certain he didn’t think about Amanda. Because if he did, he would probably fall into his thoughts and never fall out. After all, he wasn’t easy to love, and didn’t do much loving himself. He even surprised himself how deeply he fell into love once he was there.
And there was just so much to focus on. She fought like a professional, but was as intimidating as a chipmunk. And as sexy as the one that got away—yes, that one—only better looking. Her 5’6” height made her a perfect fit when he hugged her, and her long red-gold hair went to the small of her back in a golden fall – he just wanted to run his fingers through it.
Though with my luck, he thought, I’d find the only knots in her hair and pull them out.
And her eyes – a warm, liquid Frangelico brown with her Siberia-pale skin. Her dress was casual, covering everything, but it didn’t matter, she looked good in everything. It all seemed to be form-fitting, no matter the size. Jeans and a sweater should have covered her thoroughly, but somehow managed to be quite snug. Granted, it was a very nice form with curves that a Volvo would hug.
It gave him a warm feeling just thinking about her.
Yes, I have to stop it. Damnit.
After all, he was fully-healed, his bones knitted together, he had something else to focus on.
Staying alive in front of a half-dozen vampires.
Step one was easy. After the first three bodies were discovered around one construction site, Marco had no problem doing that math. He had contacted one of his people on the construction crew, and had them lay the groundwork for his attack.
But, hey, there are only six of them.
Marco was crouched on an I-beam twenty feet up from where he had set his trap.
This is going to be so easy.
There had been some concern about staying hidden against vampires, but apparently, vampires were just as stupid as everybody else – nobody looked up.

* * * *
This is going to be so easy. No one ever looks up.
On the top floor of the unfinished building stood a short, dark man, swathed in Armani and Prada. He was slender and unthreatening… until you looked at his eyes. The eyes were the tell – they were empty. Look at them too hard and too long, one could almost swear that they were lidless eyes of fire, straight out of Lord of the Rings, but most people never held his eyes that long.
The creature that looked like a human being gave a very tiny smile as he eyed his prey, Marco Catalano. It was strange to imagine that this child, this 19-year-old, had been such a threat. He wasn’t even that big – a 5’9” blond dancer. That was it.
The creature that commonly called itself “Mister Day” chuckled to himself. Dance of death, maybe.
But now, it was time for him to die. And Marco would never see him coming.
Marco opened with a salvo of glass phials filled with holy water. As the holy water burned them like acid, Marco dropped down onto another vampire he missed, taking his head off with a knife.
Marco moved before that vampire turned to dust. He threw his entire weight into the next vampire, and slammed a stake into the vampire’s chest, like a hammer blow. The vampire disintegrated into a pile of dust and clothing.
Marco spun, took the recently emptied jacket out of the air and hurled it at the third vampire, covering his face like a net.
Marco threw the stake in his hand, and it landed, point first, in the eye of the fourth vampire. Since the stake had been soaked in holy water, it not only penetrated the back of the eye socket, it lodged in the brain and started eating away at the gray cells. Undead or not, it was hard to focus when something was eating one’s brains.
Three down in a matter of seconds, Mister Day thought. Nicely done. The creature lowered itself into a crouch, studying his prey with admiration. Marco was mostly human; the only improvement that Day could perceive was some residual after effects of a vampire’s bite, but even that seemed to be mostly for healing fractures.
Fascinating. But, sadly, time to end it.

Day dropped from the I-beam of the top floor, and landed with a hard thud right behind Marco.

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