Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Murphy's Law of Vampires, Playlist

In Murphy's Law of Vampires, Marco is .... triggered.

And I don't mean "Someone said something mean to me" triggered. I mean PTSD flashback that he's been carrying around for a while. How is that possible, you ask? He's only 19?

Special circumstances.

This is the song that get stuck in his head.

How threatening can that be, you ask?

Take a listen....

Still nothing, you think?

How about every time it plays in your brain, it turns into a 9-11 music video, with plane impacts, falling buildings, and an ash cloud that blots out the sun. How much fun is it then?

And of course, when Marco has issues, he doesn't have a problem. He makes it into other people's problem.

Marco has a solution, of course.

His solution is to change the tune, and ask a new question....

"How many of them can we make die?"

I love that song.

Then there is the ominous Mister Day. What exactly does one do to defeat such a creature? And what music is epic enough to really capture that moment?

Let's just say that this particular song works on multiple levels.

If you haven't read the book ... well, now you have something to play along with the book.

You'll know the scenes when you get there. Heh heh heh.

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