Monday, November 21, 2016

Set to Kill is out, and ready to be Best Related at the Hugos

Heh, yes, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

However, SET TO KILL IS OUT NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW! Enjoy it.

Though, believe it or not, when I was finished with Set to Kill back in ... March, I think? My first thought was, "Maybe I should give it to Vox Day, and it becomes a Rabid Puppy nominee at the 2017 Hugos. Ha!"

That led me to thinking I should run it past Castalia in the first place, which led to a six month oddity ... or odyssey, depending on who's writing it.

Though I must admit, I would be amused if someone decided to nominate this for Best Related anyway. Lord knows that Sad Puppies 4 was an acid trip I didn't anticipate at all.

Heads exploding, though?

That I expected.

Let me allow you in on my plan for the next year. In fact, I'll let you in on what my plan for the publishing schedule is like.

Then he got an idea. An awful idea.
A wonderful, *awful* idea!

Codename: UnSub was published when it was because ... I wanted it off my plate. I wanted it gone. It was around for four years. It was going to happen with or without the Castalia House acceptance of my books.

I wanted Set to Kill released this year because I want it up for Sad Puppies 5 ... Read it, you'll see why.  It is awesome. It is hilarious. And it will be one of the better things I've ever written.

Yes, really. It's that good. It's that awesome. And I'm not even worried about building it up too much. I don't think this one will let down anybody. For the Puppy crowd, they'll get some laughs out of it. For the non-puppy crowd? I think they'll still be rolling in the aisles.

And the Anti-Puppies? That requires that they think of me at all. And I can't imagine that they would. Really.

And yes, I think this is one I want up for consideration. No, I won't be up for a Hugo. I'm not even entirely certain if I'm going to be up for Sad Puppies 5. But either way, I want to see heads explode. And go BOOM. Bwahahahahahaha.

However, what about Murphy's? Don't I want that up for the Hugos?  Well, sure, if someone else wants it, who am I to say no.

But, with my Dragon Award Nominated novel for Best Horror, you'd think that I'd expect another award domination. At least for the Dragon.

Remember, though: books eligible for the Dragon Award go from the start of August to the end of July.

However, while the four reviews all like Murphy's Law of Vampires ... just wait until you read Live and Let Bite (book 3). It is going to be ...

You know what? Live and Let Bite will be so flipping epic, if it doesn't get best Horror at the Dragon Awards, I'll be surprised. It will be the payoff for everything set up in Honor and Murphy's.  Think I'm kidding? Heh heh heh.

You haven't seen anything yet. You think Mister Day was a pain in the ass to kill? You thought he was a threat when he blew up REDACTED buried REDACTED alive and turned into a giant freaking man-eating REDACTED?

Just wait until you meet Nuala.

This? This is going to be AWESOME.

Live and Let Bite should be coming out in early February. The 2017 Dragon Award nominations should be out a few months later, so everyone can soak in the amazing aspects of the book, and vote it for best horror novel.

Yes, that's right. This time, I know what I'm doing. There will be horror. There will be blood.

And, yes, I blow up San Francisco. A lot.

.... Though, now that I think of it? I do have a dystopia novel out ... and there is a best dystopia category...

Well, it's something to think about.

Why not Sad Puppies Bite Back the book? Based on the original blog post from 2015. Not eligible anywhere, I think.

Anyway, as you're reading the following, just consider for the moment....

Murphy's Law of Vampires .... not really up for any awards, unless you think it should be best novel at the Hugos. Which, also, would be hilarious. Though, like with Set to Kill, I can't imagine it happening, and I wouldn't force the issue....

Though, come to think of it, I can't recall any novels this year I would put down as best SF or best Fantasy. Dang it. I know I should. Huh. It'll come to me.

Set to Kill for best related at the Hugo Awards. Just because. (I can't wait to see some read the name Charles RR Martinez. Their heads will explode, even though that's actually the name of a friend of the family ... AND his son. Heh.)

Anyway, there's Codename: UnSub, for best dystopia at the Dragon Awards. I can't think of any opposition, actually ... which would mean something if I actually, you know, READ dystopia as a matter of course.

Then there's Live and Let Bite for best horror novel at the Dragon Awards.  What's that you ask? Why not nominate both Murphy's and Bite at the Dragons? Because that would split the vote. And I can't see winning best fantasy, if only because Jim Butcher might release a novel in the next few months, and I'm just assuming that won't be a 2-ton gorilla, it'll just be King Kong. Nominate Murphy's all you like for best fantasy. It won't win up against Butcher .... but having the name out there would be awesome.

So, that's the plan for Murphy's Law of Vampires ... sort of ... and Set to Kill .... and Live and Let Bite ...  and even UnSub, I guess.

Don't say I can't plan for the future.

2017 will be the year that Declan Finn .... gets a few nominations. I can't promise anything other than that.

You know what? Once more, just for old times sake.....

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